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Steel Factory In Qatar

Qatar is a country rich in oil and natural gas resources, and the development of steel products is relatively weak. However, with the construction, urbanization process and infrastructure development of Qatar, the country’s steel factory have also developed, and the demand for steel products has increased. In recent years, there have been significantly more Qatari customers purchasing steel from Songshun, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with them. This article will introduce some steel mills in Qatar for your reference only.

Qatar Steel

Established in 1974, Qatar Steel is Qatar’s premier steel factory and the first integrated steel factory in the Arabian Gulf. It has several subsidiaries, advanced electric arc furnaces and rolling mills with latest automation features, houses continuous casting plants and other steel plants.

Qatar Steel uses the most advanced production technology to produce various types of steel products, including steel billets, steel bars, steel plates and steel pipes, etc., and provides steel building materials solutions for the construction, oil and gas, shipbuilding and other industries.

They are committed to improving customer satisfaction, have a professional team, and constantly meet customer requirements, continuously improve technology, and continue to innovate to provide customers with the best products and services.

Etihad Steel Factory

Established in 2012, Etihad Steel Factory is 100% Qatari-owned and is Qatar’s premium steel factory. They are involved in multiple businesses and have high-tech machinery and equipment, complete with overhead cranes.

Their average monthly production capacity for steel structure engineering is 1200-1500 tons, providing the most diverse range of steel products. They mainly provide steel structure products, including hot-rolled steel structures, heavy-duty steel structures, prefabricated building steel structures, etc.

Etihad Steel Factory is committed to providing safe steel industry solutions, constantly meeting the needs of multiple fields and customers, and providing quality services for the installation and manufacturing of steel products of different designs.

Qatar Metals Coating Company WLL

Founded in 1990, Q-Coat is the most well-known epoxy-coated rebar steel factory in the Middle East and a leading steel factory in Qatar as well as a joint venture.

The steel factory has an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons and mainly produces and provides epoxy-coated steel bars with anti-corrosion, decorative and protective properties, including coating treatments for steel.

Q-Coat is committed to advancing technology, driving the development of new high-tech products and services, increasing customer satisfaction, and contributing to Qatar’s economic diversification.

Gulf Steel Factories (GSF)

GSF was established in 1956 and has a 67-year history. It is an important steel factory in Qatar and a steel manufacturer fully registered and approved by most national ministries and important institutions in Qatar.

GSF provides customers with high-quality steel products, including structural steel, aluminum, stainless steel and metal products, etc.

They conduct quality control and quality assurance on all contracted works while providing precision metal fabrication according to required specifications, continuously meeting the needs of the domestic construction market and making a significant contribution to the growing Qatari construction market.

The above are some of the steel mills in Qatar, and their steel industry is moving in a more mature and sustainable direction. In the future, as Qatar’s economy continues to develop, the steel industry is expected to be further promoted and developed.

In the past few years, through the statistics of Qatari customers’ satisfaction with purchasing from Songshun steel factory, we have won a good reputation and reputation. We will continue to improve and develop to achieve long-term cooperation and win-win goals with more customers.

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