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Steel Fabricators in Mexico

Mexico’s steel industry has grown significantly over the past few decades, with continued economic and industrial development driving increased demand for steel. According to statistics in 2023, our Songshun Steel has gained many new customers from Mexico.

At Songshun Steel, you can rest assured that we not only ensure product quality, but also provide prices that can reduce costs. And we adhere to the path of sustainable development, winning the trust of our customers and achieving long-term win-win relationships are our goals.

Dongguan Songshun Mold Steel Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you!

In recent years, Mexico’s urbanization, automobile manufacturing, infrastructure construction and energy industries have continued to advance and develop, driving increased demand in the steel market and prompting the development of some steel manufacturers and suppliers in Mexico. If you need to buy steel in Mexico, you can refer to the following steel fabricators in Mexico.


Ternium was formed by the merger of Argentina’s Siderar, Venezuela’s Sidor and Mexico’s Hylsa. It is one of the leading steel fabricators in Mexico and has a large share of the Mexican market. They have a complete industrial system, with large modern steel plants, multiple production centers, abundant raw materials, and their own mines for mining.

They guarantee the best quality and technology in all processes, from the mining of iron ore to the transformation of finished products. The main products provided are flat steel, hot-rolled and cold-rolled plates, bars and wires, steel pipes, galvanized steel and profiles, etc.

Ternium is committed to establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with customers, providing customers with the best products and services, adhering to a sustainable development approach, and focusing on the environment, team, customers, high quality and technological development.

Grupo Simec

Founded in 1934 and with 89 years of experience, Grupo Simec is Mexico’s main steel producer and one of the world’s leading steel fabricators. Simec has multiple factories, multiple state-of-the-art equipment, multiple subsidiaries and more around the world.

In addition to manufacturing various types of steel, Simec also produces manual, construction and agricultural tools, traveling cranes, pallet manufacturing and shipbuilding. It is also a major producer of commercial and structural profiles in Mexico, offering a wide range of specialty steels, structural steels, coils and round rods, and more.

They are committed to producing products that meet the highest quality standards, constantly innovating and evolving to become industry leaders and benchmarks in the global market.


Founded in 1952, Deacero has grown from a small warehouse to a company with several large-scale steel plants. It is the largest steel recycling plant in Mexico and a leading steel fabricator in the world. It operates in many countries and has more than 10,000 employees, 3 steel plants, 19 factories, etc.

Deacero Steel Factory produces various steel bars, profiles, wire rods, long products, etc. They have a professional team, advanced technology and production equipment and facilities to ensure the efficient production of high-quality products.

They are committed to sustainable development, producing green steel and protecting the environment. And create value growth through strength, able to provide solutions and product portfolios for each market.

The above three are all leading steel fabricators in Mexico and well-known steel mills in the global steel industry. In addition, Songshun Steel Manufacturer also learned through long-term cooperation with Mexican customers that there are many high-quality mold steel fabricators, stainless steel fabricators, special steel suppliers, etc. in Mexico. They all play an important role in the development and construction of the Mexican economy.

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