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Steel Company in Peru

Peru’s steel company has experienced many twists and turns. At the end of 1992, China’s Shougang Group purchased the Peruvian state-owned iron ore company that was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, as the development of Peru’s economy has driven the growth of various industries such as construction, infrastructure, and manufacturing, it has also led to an increase in demand for steel, showing an overall growth trend.

In Songshun, some Peruvian customers who have long-term cooperation with us said that importing steel from us not only ensures quality, but also meets the needs of their domestic market. At Songshun Steel always insist on providing customers with steel products of higher quality and better performance, adhere to the path of sustainable development, adhere to customer needs as the center, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

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Peru is one of the 12 largest mineral-producing countries in the world and is rich in mineral resources. However, its own resource supply is difficult to meet domestic demand. Due to demand and environmental pressure, the development of Peruvian steel companies faces some difficulties. However, as Peru has actively carried out multilateral regional economic cooperation for many years and begun to pay attention to environmental protection, many steel companies and manufacturers are seeking innovation and production technology improvements to meet market demand while continuously improving their environmental standards. This article will introduce some steel companies in Peru for your reference only.

Aceros Arequipa

Aceros Arequipa is the largest steel company in Peru, a leading global steel manufacturer, and the first Peruvian steel company to export suspension spring steel plates to Mexico. It was established in 1964 and enjoys high popularity in the domestic market. The steel company has multiple branches, advanced steelmaking equipment and technology, and plans to increase production capacity by building new furnaces.

Aceros Arequipa’s business covers multiple fields and provides various types of steel products, including steel bars, wire rods, steel profiles, steel plates, steel pipes, etc.

They continue to meet the needs of domestic and international markets, constantly improve and innovate, improve customer service and product quality, have clear development goals, and focus on business vision, human capital, product quality, environmental protection, etc.


Siderperu is Peru’s premier steel company. It is controlled by the Brazilian metallurgical company Gerdau. Gerdau was founded in 1901. Siderperu was founded in 1956. It has rich steel experience and is one of the major suppliers of long products in the United States and the world’s special steels. It owns the only blast furnace in Peru and several electric arc furnaces that produce sponge steel.

Their production capacity exceeds 500 tons of steel, mainly providing structural steel, steel bars, wear-resistant steel, round bars, TEE A36 bars, U channel steel, etc.

Siderperu’s goal is to empower people who build the future, adhere to sustainable development, fulfill social responsibilities, and pay attention to environmental protection.

Century Metals Peru

Century Metals Peru is a subsidiary of Century Metals & Supplies INC., founded in 1988, with operations in more than 30 countries. It is also the leading steel company in Peru with many years of experience, multiple service centers and branches, etc.

They mainly provide high-quality steel products that meet all technical requirements, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, steel coils, bars, etc.

They have always strictly controlled product quality, actively participated in domestic and international projects, and have been providing services to the metal machinery industry by supplying raw materials and constantly meeting the specific requirements of customers.


IMELSA is a steel company with over 25 years of experience and a powerful steel supplier in Peru. They have state-of-the-art equipment and offer a variety of processing services.

The main products IMELSA provides include steel pipes, profiles, coils, and special trapezoidal design building panels, etc.

They always pursue the highest quality services and advice, continuously strengthen and improve, persist in achieving goals, and adhere to sustainable development.

The above are some well-known steel companies in Peru. They occupy a place in Peru’s construction, manufacturing and resource industries and are constantly advancing and developing. As a high-quality China steel company, Songshun is also constantly developing and improving, providing better steel products to more partners from all over the world.

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