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Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers in UK

The stainless steel tube market in Europe is huge. The UK’s stainless steel tube production once ranked third in the world and is the main producer and consumer of this market. In the UK, the stainless steel tube market maintains a steady growth trend, and as stainless steel tubes are increasingly used in engineering, British stainless steel tube suppliers are showing a good development trend. If you need to buy stainless steel tubes in the UK, the following will introduce some stainless steel tube suppliers in the UK for your reference only.

DH Stainless

DH Stainless is one of the UK’s leading stainless steel tube suppliers and distributors, also an expert in stainless steel pipe and tubing products. Founded in 2001, it has a large warehouse and abundant inventory, which can ensure fast delivery and provide professional service and technical support.

DH Stainless offers almost a full range of stainless steel pipes and tube products, as well as a wide range of stainless steel fittings, flanges and valves.

They are committed to meeting customer needs, providing customers with all the details they need, and have complete supply processes and professional equipment to provide customers with better stainless steel tube products.


PREMINOX is a well-known British expert in stainless steel pipes, tubes and pipe products. Founded in 1990, it is one of the stainless steel tube suppliers with many years of experience.

Its products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and its main products include stainless steel seamless pipes and tubes, stainless steel welded tubes, stainless steel straight tubes and coiled tubes, etc.

PREMINOX can meet your various special requirements and provide stainless steel tube products of various specifications and sizes. It has multiple European distribution centers with large inventory, fast delivery and extremely competitive prices.

Hub Le Bas

Hub Le Bas was formed from the merger of HUB Tubes and Le Bas Tube and is one of the UK’s top stainless steel tube suppliers. It is able to provide fully committed technical and human resources, equipped with high-quality processing equipment, and can provide a variety of processing services.

Hub Le Bas mainly provides various steel tubes, including a series of precision welded stainless steel tubes of austenitic grades AISI-304 and AISI-316.

They are committed to customer service and their satisfaction, constantly developing more service scopes, constantly meeting the needs of the local customer base, and constantly improving customer satisfaction.

Oval Tubes (UK) Limited

Oval Tubes is one of the UK’s professional stainless steel tube suppliers and a manufacturer of stainless steel, mild steel oval tubes and stainless steel flat edge oval tubes.

It manufactures and supplies a range of stainless steel oval, ERW mild steel oval tubes and plain edge oval stainless steel tubes.

Oval Tubes is committed to continuous development and innovation, being customer-centric, providing customers with consistent service quality, and establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers.

The British stainless steel tube suppliers are in a rapid development stage, and there is still huge development potential in this field in the future. And our Songshun Steel is also in a stage of continuous development. As one of the leading stainless steel pipe suppliers in China, we provide a variety of steel products that meet your needs and continue to pursue excellence, committed to becoming the preferred supply partner for more and more customers.

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