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Spring Steel Grade Equivalent Table


Spring steel is a good material for making spring and elastic element. Because of the elasticity of spring steel at the condition of quenching and tempering is great. And I will show you all the information of Spring Steel grade equivalents table for American ASTM, UNS, to GB, ISO, Europe, Germany, France, and Japan. And as a leader steel supplier in China, if you need the material as below, please kindly contact us.

65 Type DC 1064 G10650 SWRH67A SWRH67B SUP2 C67 CK67 080A67 060A67 FMR66 FMR68 XC65
70 Type DC 1070 G10700 SWRH72A SWRH72B SWRS72B CK75 070A72 060A72 FMR66 FMR68 FMR70 FMR72 XC70
85 Type DC 1084 1085 G10840 G10850 SUP3 CK85 060A86 080A86 FMR86 XC85
65Mn Type DC 1566 C1065 G15660 -- 65Mn4 080A67 --
55Si2Mn 56SiCr7 9255 H92600 SUP6 SUP7 55Si7 251H60 250A53 56SC7 55S7
55Si2MnB -- -- -- -- -- -- --
55SiMnVB -- -- -- -- -- -- --
60Si2Mn 61SiCr7 9260 H92600 SUP6 -- 251H60 61SC7
60Si2Mn 6 7 -- G92600 SUP7 60Si7 60SiMn5 250A58 250A61 60S7 60SC7
60Si2MnA 61SiCr7 7 9260H H92600 SUP6 SUP7 60SiCr7 251H60 61SC7
60Si2CrA 55SiCr63 -- -- SWOSC-V 60SiCr7 67SiCr5 685H57 60SC7
60Si2CrVA -- -- -- -- -- -- --
55CrMnA 55Cr3 8 5155 H51550 G51550 SUP9 55Cr3 525A58 527A60 55C3 55C2
60CrMnA 55Cr3 8 5160 H51600 G51600 SUP9A SUP11A 55Cr3 527H60 527A60 55CR3
60CrMnMoA 60CrMo33 12 4161 G41610 H41610 SUP13 51CrMoV4 705H60 805A60 --
50CrVA 51CrV4 13 6150 H51500 G61500 SUP10 50CrV4 735A51 50CV4
60CrMnBA 60CrB3 10 51B60 H51601 G51601 SUP11A 58CrMnB4 -- --
30W4Cr2VA -- -- -- -- 30WCrV17.9 -- --
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