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Songshun Steel Maker: Provides Various High Quality Steel Materials

In the fiercely competitive environment of the global steel industry, many steel manufacturers, suppliers and dealers are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and reduce environmental impact to improve their competitiveness in the market. And our Songshun, as a high-quality steel maker and supplier in China, have certain advantages and competitiveness compared with our peers in many aspects. Among them, we can provide a wide range of steel materials with good quality, favorable prices and large inventory are our biggest advantage.

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High Quality Steel Material

1.Steel Shape

We can provide a variety of steel shapes: round steel, steel plates, steel coils, flat steel, steel pipes, square steel, oval steel angles, etc. Among them, round steel and steel plates are the materials we mostly export. We can customize any specifications according to your needs.

2.Steel Type

(1) Mold Steel

As a mold steel maker with many years of experience, Songshun is one of our most price-competitive steel types, especially large mold steels like 1.2311, P20, and 1.2738, which have very good prices. And we have unique manufacturing technology for the manufacturing of large module steel, which not only has high production efficiency, good quality but also has price advantages.

We can provide various hot work mold steels, cold work mold steels and plastic mold steels, including D2, D3, 1.2080, O1, H11, 1.2344, P20, 1.2312, 1.2738 and so on.

(2) Alloy Structural Steel

There are many steel makers that can provide alloy steel, but the types of alloy steel we can provide are very rich. We have all kinds of alloy carburizing steel, alloy quenched and tempered steel, alloy spring steel, and ball bearing steel. Among them, the grades of alloy structural steel that customers often purchase include 4140, 4340, 8620, 1.6511, 4142, 1.7035, etc.

(3) High Speed Steel

As a high-quality steel maker, the high-speed steel we provide is very advantageous in terms of quality. Many customers purchase our high-speed steel for professional testing, the high-speed steel we provide ranks among the top 3. The final customer’s comprehensive product quality and service With the price they will choose us Songshun as their supplier. The high-speed steel we can provide includes tungsten series, tungsten-molybdenum series, high-molybdenum series, vanadium, cobalt high-speed steel, etc. Common grades include M2, M35, T1, 1.3343, 1.3342, T2, etc.

In addition to the above common steel types, we also provide stainless steel, carbon structural steel, heat-resistant steel, spring steel, etc.

Steel Maker

In addition to being able to provide a variety of high-quality materials, a high-quality steel maker’s strength, experience, service, reputation, goals and future development are equally important. And we at Songshun Steel can not only provide various types of high-quality steel materials, but also have professional services, good reputation, strong supply capabilities, etc.

In the future, we are committed to becoming your preferred steel maker, focusing on production technology, environment and quality, constantly innovating and improving, introducing new technologies, optimizing the steel manufacturing process, improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and providing the best steel , promote the steel industry to move towards the path of modernization, intelligence and sustainable development, and will continue to be at the forefront of the industry and lead future development.


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