Steel Production

Steel Production


Songshun Steel produces high-quality steel products, provides all kinds of high-end steel products for construction machinery manufacturing industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, mold manufacturing and many other industries around the world, and creates one-stop service for various industries. Adopt a professional and efficient steel production process, have advanced technology and equipment, and support various delivery states, including pre-hardened state, smooth surface or black skin, quenched and tempered or normalized, annealed, and delivery without heat treatment. And in the process of steel production, we provide customers with the best steel products on the premise of the highest safety standards.


Steel Production Process


Steel Furnace

Preparation Before Production

According to customer demand, prepare relevant raw materials, formulate steel smelting production technology and process.

Steel Forging Process

Production Process

Usually, our steel production process mainly includes iron making, steel making, refining (LF+vD), continuous casting, steel rolling and other processes.

The production process of the steel plate: the flat steel billet is used as the raw material, and the flat steel billet is heated to 1200°C by a heating furnace, and then rolled, cooled, leveled and sheared (flame) to become a finished product.

The production process of round steel: billet preparation, heating, descaling, rough rolling, trimming, intermediate rolling, trimming, finishing rolling, coiling, heat treatment, pickling, inspection, storage.

5140 Steel Round Bar

Delivery Status

The delivery state includes pre-hardened state, glossy or black leather, quenched and tempered, Annealing, Q+T Or Unheat Treated, etc.

The heat treatment state delivery should be specified in the contract. Heat treatment includes three processes of heating, heat preservation and cooling, and four methods of annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.

Sawing equipment

Machining And Handling

Machining: Arrange rough machining first, arrange semi-finishing in the middle, and finally arrange fine machining and finishing Processing: straightening, pickling, etc.


Steel Testing

Carry out internal and external quality testing of steel, including flaw detection, chemical composition testing and analysis, mechanical properties, specifications, etc.


Packaging And Transportation

Standard packaging is used by default or packaging according to customer needs, and according to transportation risk assessment, packaging is carried out in accordance with anti-collision, waterproof, and moisture-proof requirements to ensure product protection.

Steel Production Technology



The quality and type of steel depends largely on the technology and processing technology of steel production. We are constantly learning, innovating and introducing new technologies to improve product quality and production efficiency. We have a professional technical team, and exchange technology friendly with steel manufacturing engineering teams from all over the world.

Steel Production Equipment


We have complete supporting steel production equipment, whether it is radial forging machine, fine forging machine, uncoiler, straightening machine, shearing machine, flame cutting machine and various testing equipment, etc., we will regularly maintain and update, and have a professional and experienced operation team has introduced more steel production equipment with the goal of efficiently producing high-quality products.

Steel Production Inspection


We provide a full range of testing services, and each steel product must have a quality inspection report. In terms of inspection capability, we have first-class inspection capability, including internal quality and external quality in steel quality inspection. External quality: surface oxidation inspection, surface rust inspection, roundness tracking, size and surface defects, etc. Internal quality: flaw detection, chemical composition detection and analysis, tensile strength, toughness, hardness, metallographic inspection and analysis, etc. In terms of testing instruments, we have perfect and advanced equipment, including penetration detection agent, X-ray flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, spectrometer, hardness tester, vernier caliper and micrometer and so on. We strictly control every test to ensure the high quality of our products.