NAK80 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Material

NAK80 steel material is a prehardening plastic mold steel. Out of the factory, the hardness can be reached 37-43 HRC. Without S, it has good mirror polish and EDM. After the production of special smelting, it will get high cleanness and stable performance. NAK80 steel has great polishing property, it no needs heat treatment. Perfect machinability and lower surface roughness, the hardness is balance in anywhere. After the processing of spheroidizzing annealing, its machinability will be better. Add the elements of Vanadium and Molybdenum in a special way, the wear resistance is up to the next level. And the toughness also is good, with the great mechanical properties, you do not need to worry about the problem of fracture.

NAK80 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Supply
Round BarDia: 8-800mm; Length: Can be customized;
Other specifications can be customized.
Black Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned
As per given requirements.
Sheet/Plate/SlabThickness:10mm-600mm; Width: 200mm-3000mm;
Other specifications can be customized.
Black Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned
As per given requirements.

NAK80 Steel Grade Equivalent Chart

StandardGBASTM A681JIS G4404

NAK80 Steel Chemical Composition

GradeC (%)Si (%)Ni (%)Mn(%)Mo(%)Cu (%)Ai (%)Cr (%)
Quality control: 100% UT (Ultrasonic Testing), UT Standard is SEP 1921-84 C/c.  

JIS NAK80 Steel Physical Properties

Density [g/cm3]Modulus of elasticityThermal conductivity [W/m.K]Maximum magnetic permeabilitySaturated magnetism (Gauss)Residual magnetism (Gauss)Coercive force (Oersted)
7.7230 x 106 psi41.3 (100oC)
42.2 (200oC)
380 16,3608,50014.0

P21 Steel Mechanical Properties

Mechanical properties
Tensile Strength183,400 psi
Yield Strength (.2% offset, 41 HRc)147,600 psi
Modulus of Elasticity (room temp.)30.0 x 10-6 psi
Reduction of Area41.9%
Elongation in 2" (longitudinal)16.1%
Charpy V-notch Impact Strength (toughness)Longitudinal:8.1 ft/lb
Transverse: 8.5 ft/lb
Hardness: 40 HRc

NAK80 Steel Application

The common uses of NAK80 steel material as below:

  1. Mirror Polishing Mold
  2. TV Light Filter
  3. Cosmetics Boxes
  4. Office Automation Equipment
  5. The Mold of Transparency Product of Car, Camera,Computer and more
  6. Coining Die
  7. Shear, Blades for Woodworking
  8. Cold-heading Dies
  9. Cold Extrusion Dies

NAK80 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Heat Treatment

Softening Annealing
NAK80 steel is heated to 640-720 ºC and then slowly cooled to 500 ºC. This will yield a maximum Brinell hardness of 330.

Stress Relief
About 550 ºC in the annealed state.

NAK80 steel is hardened at 880-900ºC, followed by oil quenching (in oil, hot water bath or vacuum, the hardness after quenching is 41 HRC.

Age Hardening
Return to the furnace and heat to 550°C±10°C, then keep it at this temperature for 6~8 hours, carry out aging treatment, and then cool naturally to room temperature.

Processing Methods of NAK80

Cutting Tool
The hardness and cutting resistance of NAK80 are higher than others. So we suggest using the M2 high speed steel (SKH9) or superhard alloy P40.

During the drilling, the bigger size of holes must with lower cutting speed.

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