DIN C45E Steel Coil Sheet, AISI 1045, JIS S45C

C45E steel is pure steel, less impurities, medium carbon high-quality carbon steel, and also non-alloy tool steel, with good mechanical properties and mechanical properties, and has certain plasticity and toughness. C45E steel adopts quenching and tempering treatment to obtain good comprehensive mechanical properties. C45E steel coil/sheet/plate is widely used in machinery manufacturing, and is suitable for manufacturing high-strength moving parts and parts with wear-resistant surfaces, such as: gears, shafts, pistons, connecting rods and rotating shafts, etc. The properties and heat treatment of DIN C45E/AISI 1045 steel coil round steel sheet are as follows.

DIN C45E Steel Coil Sheet Plate Round Bar Supply Range
Round BarDia:5-3000mm;
Other specifications can be customized;
Black Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned
According to customers needs.
Steel Coil/Sheet/Plate/SlabThickness: 1-2000mm; Width: 50-3000mm;
Length: Can be customized;
Other specifications can be customized;
Black Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned
According to customers needs.

C45E Steel Grade Equivalent Chart


DIN C45E Steel Chemical Composition


C45E Steel Coil Physical Properties

Physical Properties
Density7.85 g/cm³
Electrical conductivity8.33 MS/m
Coefficient of thermal expansion11.1 K-1·10-6
Thermal conductivity50 W/m·K
Specific heat capacity460 J/kg·K

C45E Steel Coil Sheet Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength530-1050 MPa
Yield Strength230-565 MPa
Poisson’s Ratio0.29
Modilus of Elasticity200GPa
Shear Modilus80GPa
Hardness172-255 HBS
Elongation at Break5-18%

C45E Steel Application

DIN C45E steel coil/sheet steel/steel plate/steel round bar, widely used in industrial products and machinery industries. Such as small and medium gears, air compressors, various shafts, pump pistons, pins, piston pins, nuts and bolts, sprockets, fitter tools, etc.

C45E Steel Round Bar Coil Sheet Plate Heat Treatment

C45E / 1.1191 Steel Normalizing
850℃-920℃, slowly cooling in air.

DIN C45E Steel Annealing
800-850°C, fully soaked. Then cool slowly in the oven.

Hardening of Carbon Steel C45E Material
Quenched in air or oil at 820-860°C. Before quenching, make sure to heat thoroughly.

C45E Steel Tempering
Temper by heating to 550-660°C. Cool in still air, according to different hardness and requirements, determine the temperature.

Stress Relief
550°C – 660°C, cooled in still air.

Forging of C45E Steel
Heat the C45E fabrication to 850 to 1200°C to forge the C45E with a hammer.

C45E Steel Coil Sheet Plate Round Bar Supply

We have our own cutting and processing equipment. We can supply it from stock as cut boards. Specifications can be cut and customized according to your requirements.

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