AISI 5130 Steel Coil, JIS SCr430, DIN 1.7030

Alloy structure AISI 5130 steel is a high-strength, high-hardenability, low-alloy steel with a carbon content of 0.28 to 0.33. There are round steel, steel plate, and steel coil types. Compared with carbon steel, their response to mechanical and heat treatment faster. AISI 5130 steel coil is usually used in the quenched and tempered state, and can also be used after normalizing. It can also be used as high-frequency surface hardening steel for making parts that require high surface hardness and wear resistance. 5130 steel composition and more information is below.

AISI 5130 Steel Coil Supply Range
Coil/Sheet/PlateCustomized according to customer requirements

5130 Steel Coil Grade Equivalent Chart

StandardASTM A29/A29M-04EN 10084-1998JIS G 4053-2016BS 970-1-1983

5130 Steel Coil Chemical Composition

StandGradeC (%)Mn(%)P(%)S (%)Si (%)Cr (%)Ni(%)Cu(%)
ASTM A29/A29M-0451300.28-0.330.70-0.90≤0.035≤0.0400.15-0.350.80-1.10≤0.030≤0.030
EN 10084-199828Cr4/1.70300.24-0.310.60-0.90≤0.035≤0.035≤0.400.90-1.20≤0.25≤0.030
JIS G 4053-2016SCr4300.28-0.330.60-0.90≤0.030≤0.0300.15-0.350.90-1.20≤0.25≤0.030
BS 970-1-1983530A300.28-0.330.60-0.80≤0.0350.025-0.050.90-1.20

SCr430 Steel Coil Physical Properties

Physical PropertiesMetricImperial
Density7.83 g/cm30.283 lb/in³

5130 Steel Coil Mechanical Properties

Mechanical PropertiesMetricImpetial
Bulk modulus (typical for steel)140 GPa20300 ksi
Shear modulus (typical for steel)80 GPa11600 ksi
Elastic modulus190-210 GPa 27557-30458 ksi
Poisson’s ratio0.27-0.300.27-0.30
Hardness, Brinell (annealed)170170
Hardness, Brinell (normalized)241241
Hardness, Knoop (converted from Brinell hardness)191 191
Hardness, Rockwell B (converted from Brinell hardness)8686
Hardness, Vickers (converted from Brinell hardness)178178
Machinability (annealed and cold drawn. Based on 100 machinability for AISI 1212 steel)7070

ASTM 5130 Steel Coil Application

It is often used for important parts that work under wear and large impact loads, such as shafts, small shafts, balance levers, rockers, connecting rods, bolts, nuts, gears and various rollers, etc. It can also be used as a surface Hardened parts.

It is also used for special parts of construction machinery, automobiles, etc., high-strength bolts, rotating shafts, gears, pins and bushings of various chains, and can also be used as high-frequency surface hardening steel for making high surface hardness. and wear-resistant parts.

AISI 5130 Steel Coil Characteristics

  1. High strength and hardenability, high yield ratio
  2. Good weldability and formability
  3. Simple heat treatment process, good machinability by annealing or high temperature tempering
  4. Small work hardening coefficient
  5. Good dimensional stability
  6. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high tensile strength

AISI 5130 Steel Heat Treatment

Soak at 2150 F (1177 °C) for 1 hour before forging. Do not work below 1850 F (1010 C). Post-work solution treatment required before final hardening

Heat treatment specification: quenching at 860°C, oil cooling; tempering at 500°C, water cooling, oil cooling.
The first quenching heating temperature (℃): 860; coolant: oil
The second quenching heating temperature (℃):-
Tempering heating temperature (℃): 500; coolant: water, oil

Delivery status: Delivered with heat treatment (normalizing, annealing or high temperature tempering) or without heat treatment, and the delivery status should be specified in the contract.

5130 Steel Coil Supply

5130 steel is manufactured by melting process EF, LF + EAF + VD, IFF + ESR Melted, AISI 5130 steel coil, sheet, round steel, flat steel, complete mold specifications, with many years of production experience, from casting, forging, steel to hot and cold We have professional engineers to control the rolling process, heat treatment, etc. We serve you with honesty and professionalism, if you have any requirements for AISI 5130 / JIS SCr430 / DIN 1.7030 steel, please contact us. Songshun Steel is always with you.

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