1.2316 Plastic Mould Steel Round Bar Sheet Material

DIN 1.2316 plastic mold steel has 17% chromium element, its corrosion resistance and polishing performance are great, pre-hardening hardness is 34 – 40 HRC. 23616 steel material has great mechanical properties, so it is widely used in the plastic mould industry.

1.2316 Steel Round Bar Sheet Plate Supply
Round BarDia 18-500mm; Length: Can be customizedBlack Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned
Sheet/Plate/SlabThickness: 20mm - 400mm; width: Max 810mm;
Length: Can be customized
Black Surface/Bright Surface /Grinded/Peeled/Turned

1.2316 Steel Grade Equivalent Chart


DIN 1.2316 Steel Chemical Composition

GradeC (%)Si(%)Mn (%)P (%)S (%)Cr(%)Mo (%)Ni (%)

1.2316 Steel Physical Properties

Thermal conductivity W.m-1.K-1Thermal expansion Coefficient (10-6.K-1)
20°C20-100°C 20-200°C 20-300°C 20-400°C Specificheat

1.2316 Steel Mechanical Properties

HardnessRp 0.2 Yield StrengthRm Tensile strengthElongation Reduction of area Elastic modulus
HB MPa ksi MPaksi% Z%GPaksi
300 8551241020148133820529733

2316 Steel Application

1. Die-Casting Mold
2.Injection Mold
3. Extrusion Die
4. Precision stamping die
5. Cold extrusion molding die
6. Standard formwork
7. Various silicon steel sheets and high-speed punching dies

2316 Steel Heat Treatment

1.Forging temperature is 105℃ – 850℃.
2.Annealing: Heat temperature is 750℃ – 800℃, keeps warm for 1h – 3h, then furnace cooling.
3.The temperature of first-time pre-heat for the quenching is 550℃ – 650℃. The second time is 800℃ – 850℃. Then raise it to 1020℃ – 1050℃. Using air cooling and oil quenching.
4.For the tempering, heating to 180℃ – 200℃, then air cooling.
5.Temperature is 200℃ – 600℃ for the second time of heating. But you need to choose the temperature according to the requests.


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