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Plastic Mold Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

Nowadays, with the continuous development and transformation of the industry in the United States, many new types of plastic mold steel materials have emerged in the market. Many mold manufacturers have also adopted automation and digital technology, promoting the improvement of mold production efficiency and quality, thereby driving the development of many plastic mold steel manufacturers and suppliers in the United States. This article will introduce some plastic mold steel manufacturers and suppliers in the USA.

Finkl Steel

Formally established in 1902, Finkl Steel is a steel manufacturer with a long history and one of the world’s leading plastic mold steel manufacturers. They have four production plants, seven presses and two melting workshops, process more than 200,000 tons of steel per year, and hold more than 100 patents. In the United States, they are in a leading position in terms of production, technology, products, quality and service.

Finkl Steel is an ISO 9001 certified of plastic mold steels, setting global standards to ensure quality in every product, offering a range of mold materials offering a range of properties for a variety of molding applications. The main products provided are plastic mold steel, die-casting tool steel and forging mold steel, etc.

They are committed to sustainable development, improving and beautifying the environment through tree planting and reforestation. Their customer focus and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them the trust of many customers. And they integrate quality control into every stage of manufacturing through advanced equipment and technology.


EDRO, part of the voestalpine Group, founded in 1961, is a mold steel manufacturer with a history of more than 60 years and one of the leading plastic mold steel manufacturers in the United States. They are able to provide various machining services and provide one-stop solutions around your mold needs. They develop, manufacture and distribute new and improved steels for plastic molds.

Their main products are plastic mold steel, tool steel, copper and aluminum, etc., and their plastic mold steel has been specially designed, developed and refined to provide the best solution for the most demanding applications in today’s expanding plastic mold market plan.

EDRO is committed to meeting customer expectations and providing innovative manufacturing solutions. And strictly control the quality, has passed the AS9100 Rev D and ISO9001:2015 certification, and is committed to establishing long-term and lasting business relationships with partners and suppliers.

Tremblay Tool Steels

Tremblay Tool Steels is a tool steel service center established in 1987 and an important supplier of plastic mold steel in the United States. They have their own warehouses and processing plants, and can provide high-quality products, technical support and various processing services.

They focus on plastic mold steel, tool steel and carbon steel, etc., ensuring product quality, and are the first supplier in the USA to obtain Doerrenberg approval.

Tremblay Tool Steels is committed to becoming a tool steel solution provider for customers, meeting customers’ changing needs, and adhering to the concept of providing customers with the best products.

International Mold Steel

International Mold Steel is one of the leading cold work die steel, high speed steel and plastic mold steel manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. They have professional teams, advanced technology and facilities and hundreds of innovative mold solutions, etc.

International Mold Steel provides high-quality plastic mold steel with uniform hardness, as well as cold work mold steel, rubber mold steel and high-speed steel, etc.

Committed to improving the quality of molds and tooling and reducing manufacturing costs, they also provide solutions to all of their customers’ forming challenges and know everything about steel.

This article is just some of the plastic mold steel manufacturers and suppliers in the United States, for your reference only. As a professional manufacturer and stockist of plastic mold steel, Songshun Steel has cooperated with some suppliers and manufacturers in the United States for many times and achieved the goal of long-term cooperation. We provide plastic mold steel, including P20, 1.2312, 1.2738, P21, 1.2083, etc. We not only strictly control quality, but also offer favorable prices, making us the best partner for your mold steel supply.

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