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P20+S Tool Steel Supply

In plastic molds, DIN 1.2312 / AISI P20+S steel has a high S content, so it has excellent cutting performance, and also has excellent toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other properties. P20+S tool steel is widely used in the field of mold and tool manufacturing, and is an ideal material for them to choose. We, Songshun Steel, have many years of experience in professionally providing P20+S steel.

P20+S Tool Steel Supply Range

The specifications, processing and supply status of plastic mold steel P20S can be customized according to different customer requirements. Songshun Steel is a professional P20+S tool steel supplier, stocker and manufacturer. Our supply range of P20S steel is as follows:

1. Size Range

AISI P20+S round bar is Dia 8mm-800mm;

AISI P20+S steel plate: thickness 10mm-1500mm; width 200mm-2500mm; length 2000mm-6000mm;

AISI P20+S square steel: the common size is 20mm×20mm to 400mm×400mm, and the length is 2000mm-6000mm;
AISI P20+S flat steel: the common width is 20mm to 400mm, the thickness is 4mm to 100mm, and the length is 2000mm to 6000mm.

Other specifications: support customization.

2. Supply Status

P20+S tool steel is usually delivered in a pre-hardened state with a hardness of 28-36HRC. According to the needs of different customers, the delivery status of P20S steel can also be black surface, smooth surface, grinding, peeling, turning and so on.

3. Standards and Requirements

(1) Dimensional and shape tolerances in accordance with ASTMA681: thickness grade C, flatness grade N.
(2) Ultrasonic testing: ASNT SNT-TC-1A S2E2 level or better.
(3) Surface quality: conforms to ASTM A802, grade B-2 or better.

P20+S Tool Steel Standard and Equivalent Grades

1. China GB/T 1299 standard: GB 4Cr2Mn1MoS / ISC T25344
2. American ASTM A681 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM P20+S
3. German DIN 17350 standard: DIN EN/DIN 40CrMnMoS 8-6 / W-Nr 1.2312

Tool Steel P20+S Chemical Composition

GradeC (%)Si (%)Mn (%)P (%)S (%)Cr (%)Mo (%)
P20+S Steel0.35-0.450.30-0.501.40-1.60≤0.0300.05-0.101.80-2.000.15-0.25

ASTM P20+S Steel Properties

Die Steel P20S Physical Properties

  • Density: The density of P20+S steel is about 7.85 g/cm3, which is similar to ordinary carbon steel.
  • Melting point: The melting point of P20S steel is about 1420-1470 degrees Celsius, which makes it maintain good stability in high temperature environments.
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: about 11.5 x 10^-6/degree Celsius, 20-100℃. It means that the compatibility of AISI P20+S steel is better.
  • Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of P20+S tool steel is generally high, which helps to dissipate heat quickly and heat evenly.
  • Magnetism: P20+S steel usually has a certain degree of magnetism and can be attracted by a magnetic field.

AISI P20S Steel Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile strength: usually between 1000-1400MPa, indicating that P20S steel can withstand the pressure in tension.
  •  Yield strength: 800-1200MPa, indicating that P20+S steel has good plasticity.
  • Elongation: 10-25%
  • Impact toughness: 5-20J/cm²
  • Poisson’s ratio: 0.27-0.30
  • Unnotched Izod Impact: 28.0 J

Plastic Mold P20+S Tool Steel Process

P20S is a high-alloy chromium plastic mold steel with excellent properties. Its manufacturing process has an important impact on improving its performance. The following are some main processes of P20+S tool steel:

*Steelmaking process: EAF+LF+VD
*Forging: Slowly heat P20+S to 1050°C, start forging, and ensure that the forging temperature is not lower than 930°C
*Annealing: generally heated to 710-740°C, after a period of heat preservation, ensure that the heat is thoroughly heated, and then slowly cooled to room temperature
*Solution treatment: heat to 850°C-880°C to make it into a solid solution, and keep it for a period of time to change its internal structure, and then cool it rapidly
* Quenching and tempering treatment: Quenching and high temperature tempering to transform the structure into martensite
* Tempering: Usually the tempering temperature is generally 580°C-640°C, and then cooled in the air.
* Nitriding: P20+S die steel can be nitrided by gas nitriding, salt bath nitriding and ion nitriding, so as to improve its surface hardness and performance.
*Forming process: hot rolling or forging

Tool and Mold Steel P20S Application

P20+S tool steel is widely used in mold manufacturing, including injection molds, mold brackets, die-casting molds and extrusion molds, etc. P20S is a versatile plastic mold that is suitable for many other fields such as tool making, automotive and machinery.

When you need to purchase P20+S tool steel, you need to know in advance performance, P20+S steel application, P20S mold steel heat treatment process and other information, so as to maximize the application of P20+S. Similarly, Songshun Steel, as a professional P20+S tool steel supplier, has an in-depth understanding and research on P20+S steel, so that we can provide better p20s steel and services.


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