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P20S Mold Steel Heat Treatment Process

AISI P20S steel is a high-performance material widely used in the field of manufacturing molds and tools. Its heat treatment process has an important impact on improving the hardness, strength, toughness and wear resistance of P20S mold steel, this process largely depends on its performance. Therefore, in order to further improve the performance of P20S, the correct heat treatment process parameters and processes are very critical.

1. Preheating Treatment

Before forging and heat treatment, preheat treatment is necessary. The purpose of preheating is to eliminate internal stress and tissue inhomogeneity, and improve the plasticity and processability of the material.

Before P20S mold steel is forged, the steel is usually heated between 800°C and 900°C, and after a period of time, the preheated P20+S mold steel is put into forging equipment for forging, ensuring that the forging temperature is not lower than 930 ℃; before heat treatment of P20+S steel, P20+S steel is usually heated to about 800°C and kept for about 1 hour, and then uniformly cooled to avoid excessive residual stress.

2. Normalizing

For P20S mold steel, usually, P20+S steel does not need to be normalized. The main purpose of normalizing is to eliminate the internal stress in the steel and obtain a uniform austenite structure. If the customer needs normalizing treatment, first heat the ingot to 820-900°C, keep it warm for 1-2 hours, then cool it to 650-700°C at a rate of 10-15°C/h, and then heat it at 20-30°C °C/h to room temperature.

3. Annealing

After the forged P20+S steel is cooled, it is usually necessary to anneal the P20S die steel. The annealing temperature is generally heated to 710-740°C. After a period of heat preservation, ensure that the heat is thoroughly heated, and then slowly cool to room temperature in the furnace. The purpose of annealing is to eliminate the internal stress of the material, soften the steel, and improve its toughness, cutting performance and processing performance.

4. Solution Treatment

The solution treatment (that is, quenching) of P20S die steel is one of the key steps in heat treatment, and it is also called “solution quenching”. Heat the preheated P20S plastic mold steel to the solid solution temperature range, the temperature is generally 850°C-880°C, to make it into a solid solution, and keep it for a period of time to change its internal structure and allow elements such as carbon and chromium to dissolve evenly In the steel matrix, the organization of the solid solution is then fixed by rapid cooling. After solution treatment, the strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of P20+S steel can be improved.

5. Quenching and Tempering Treatment

P20S after solution treatment, die steel usually has higher hardness but lower toughness, so quenching and tempering treatment is required to obtain suitable properties. Quenching and tempering treatment is a double heat treatment method of quenching and high temperature tempering, which is used to form martensite. Heat the p20s tool steel to the proper temperature and keep it there for some time. Proper cooling is then carried out to transform the structure into martensite plus retained austenite. For special application requirements, quenching and tempering treatments such as secondary quenching and dry ice quenching can be performed to further optimize performance.

6. Tempering Treatment

P20S mold steel tempering treatment is to eliminate the residual stress generated during quenching and tempering, and improve the toughness, tensile strength and stability of the material. Heat the quenched and tempered P20+S steel to an appropriate temperature, usually between 580°C and 640°C, and then cool it in the air.

The above is the main heat treatment process of P20S mold steel. The specifications of each P20S product are different, and the needs of customers are also different, so the appropriate heat treatment process parameters should be selected according to the specific situation and requirements. By reasonably controlling and optimizing the heat treatment process parameters and process of P20+S steel, its performance can be improved to maximize the advantages of P20S steel.

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