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P20+Ni Steel: Ideal Material for Manufacturing Large Molds

In the field of plastic mold manufacturing, different mold types and specifications use different steel materials. For example, P20+Ni steel is suitable for making larger molds, and P20 steel is suitable for making medium-sized molds. So choosing the right material is very important for making molds. Recently, customers have come to inquire about P20+Ni steel, which is used to make larger injection molds. When manufacturing larger molds, material selection is critical to mold quality and productivity. So this article will explain why P20+Ni steel is an ideal material for making large molds from several points.

(1) AISI P20+Ni steel is a die steel with nickel added, which has excellent hardness, toughness and strength. After heat treatment, it can reach the hardness value of HRC30-35, and has high wear resistance and resistance impact performance. This enables large molds made of P20+Ni steel to withstand higher forces and pressures, resist wear and tear caused by long-term use, and maintain high precision and stability, prolong the service life of the mold.

(2) P20+Ni steel has good processing performance, is easy to cut, process and repair, and is convenient for manufacturing complex shapes and structures of larger molds. When manufacturing larger molds, it is often necessary to process a large number of holes and grooves, and P20+Ni tool steel can not only meet these requirements, but also can efficiently process the shape and size, which reduces the production cycle, reduces costs, and Increased production efficiency.

(3) DIN 1.2738/AISI P20+Ni has good heat treatment performance. Usually, it can improve the mechanical properties of the mold after proper heat treatment process, and it can still maintain stable performance at high temperature, and it is not easy to deform and thermal crack. This is very important for the manufacture of larger molds to ensure that the mold maintains shape stability over a long period of use and in high temperature and pressure environments.

(4) P20+Ni steel also has good corrosion resistance, providing longer lasting protection for manufacturing larger molds, avoiding corrosion and oxidation on the surface of the mold, resisting common corrosive media, and protecting the overall quality, surface finish, and accuracy of the mold.

In addition to the above points, P20+Ni steel also has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, good plasticity and good thermal conductivity. These excellent properties it has are the key factors suitable for manufacturing large molds. These characteristics of AISI P20+Ni steel can not only meet the manufacturing needs of larger molds, but also improve production efficiency, reduce costs and prolong service life, making it an ideal material for manufacturing large molds.


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