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P20+Ni Steel Application Fields
Exploration and Advantages

P20+Ni steel is a high-quality plastic mold steel with wide application, it is a high-grade steel developed on the basis of P20 steel and has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and strength. AISI P20+Ni steel is not only used in many fields, but also plays an important role. It is an ideal material for many application fields.

In the field of mold manufacturing, P20+Ni steel has been widely used. Because of its high hardness and wear resistance, it can withstand work under high pressure, friction and high temperature environment, and it can meet various shape and size requirements, so P20+Ni mold steel is often used to make various plastic injection molding Moulds, Die Casting Dies, Extrusion Dies, Blow Moulds, Large Complex Formworks, etc. The mold or die base made of P20+Ni steel has excellent surface quality, long service life and improved production efficiency, etc., making it favored by manufacturers.

Moreover, the good cutting performance of P20+Ni steel makes it easy to repair the defects on the surface of the mold, and can efficiently cut, grind and polish, saving time and cost for the maintenance of the mold.

In the automotive field, the requirements for materials are very high. P20+Ni steel has good comprehensive properties and can meet the requirements of automobile manufacturing, making it very popular in this field. DIN 1.2738 / AISI P20+Ni steel is often used in the manufacture of body parts, automotive moulds, engine parts, body structural parts, automotive die castings, doors, roofs and suspension systems, etc. Its excellent performance makes the car quality better and safer and more reliable.

In the field of electronics, the performance and life of electronic products are very important, and the use of P20+Ni steel is an ideal material for this field. This kind of steel has high hardness and good thermal conductivity, which can ensure the stability and heat dissipation effect of electronic products and prolong the service life. It is widely used in the manufacture of mobile phone parts, computer parts and electronic components, among others.

In the field of machinery and tool manufacturing, P20+Ni steel also has important applications in the field of machining and tool manufacturing. It has the characteristics of high strength, mechanical ease of cutting, impact resistance, wear resistance, etc., and can meet the processing or manufacturing requirements of complex parts and tools, so it is often used to manufacture various mechanical parts and tools, including for manufacturing Impact tools, slides, punch parts, compressor parts, guides, milling cutters, fixtures and more.

In addition to being widely used in the above fields, P20+Ni steel is also used in aerospace, medical equipment, marine engineering, chemical industry and other fields. Its advantages and wide application prospects make it an important metal material, and it is also an ideal material for large supply of P20+Ni steel supplier. It is believed that in the future, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, P20+Ni steel will show its value and potential in more fields.


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