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P20 Tool Steel: Excellent Performance Plastic Mold Steel


AISI P20 steel is a high-quality raw material that plays an important role in the fields of mold making, engineering plastic processing and tool making. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in various industries and is widely recognized as an ideal material. To create high-quality molds or tools, it is very important to choose materials with appropriate performance. Therefore, this article will analyze the excellent performance of p20 tool steel in detail, so as to better apply and promote the progress of industrial manufacturing.

Excellent Performance Of P20 Tool Steel

Excellent cutting performance of p20 tool steel

In the manufacture of various molds and tools, p20 steel plates need to be cut and processed in various shapes. P20 tool steel has excellent cutting performance and can meet various complex cutting and processing requirements. And in the environment of high temperature and high pressure, whether it is milling, drilling or turning, it can still maintain excellent cutting effect, reduce the generation of cutting force and cutting temperature, so as to ensure the high precision and high quality of product.

Excellent wear resistance of tool steel p20

When using p20 tool steel, it has excellent wear resistance, can effectively resist greater friction and withstand higher pressure, is not easy to wear, prolongs the service life of the product, and can maintain a good surface in long-term use quality and dimensional accuracy.

Excellent heat treatment performance p20 steel

In heat treatment, P20 tool steel has good quench hardening performance, which can improve the hardness and toughness of the material, obtain an ideal structure and excellent mechanical properties, so as to meet the needs of different processes and use conditions.

Higher toughness of aisi p20 steel

Due to the excellent heat treatment properties of DIN 1.2311 / AISI P20 steel, high tempering temperature and long tempering time can improve its toughness. It has high toughness and is shape stable under high stress and impact loads.

P20 tool steel high hardness and high strength

After the heat treatment process, the hardness of p20 steel can reach HRC 28-32, and its carbon content is between 0.2% and 0.3%, which makes it have high hardness performance. The high hardness of p20 makes it suitable for working environments with high load and impact, and can maintain good product accuracy, life and processing quality during cutting and processing.

After quenching and tempering, ASTM P20 steel can obtain higher tensile strength. The high strength of P20 steel enables it to withstand large forces and pressures, ensuring the stability and durability of manufactured products.

In addition to the above properties, p20 tool steel also has excellent properties such as good tensile properties, good corrosion resistance and polishability.

Customer Case

We would like to share with you a customer case about the performance of p20 tool steel. A customer from Chile needs to purchase plastic mold steel for their project, but did not send us a clear purchase list, so we suggested p20 tool steel to him based on the analysis of his project content, p20 steel has excellent cutting performance, making it an ideal choice for this customer project.

Songshun Steel has more than 10 years of steel experience, and constantly meets the needs of customers. The long-term cooperation with customers reaches more than 70%. It actively solves problems for customers, takes responsibility, and looks forward to cooperating with you.

In the future, with the continuous development of industrial technology, the continuous research and development and introduction of technology and emerging technologies will make p20 tool steel have better performance and prolong service life, bringing more possibilities and prospects for its application fields more expansive.

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