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Songshun Steel: One Of The Leading 430 Stainless Steel Suppliers In China

430 stainless steel is a common economical and practical material. Its demand is growing day by day in the industrial and manufacturing fields, but due to the differences in 430 stainless steel suppliers on the market, it is crucial to choose a reliable supplier. Songshun Steel will be the highest quality 430 stainless steel supplier you choose.

430 Stainless Steel

As one of the leading 430 stainless steel suppliers in China, Songshun Steel provides the highest quality steel. Our 430 stainless steel meets international standard production processes to ensure reliable product quality and provide high-quality materials for your projects. The following is the main information about 430 stainless steel provided by Songshun:

(1) 430 Steel Equivalent

10Cr17 (1Cr17)430S43000 X6Cr 17 (X8Cr 17)1.4016SUS 430

(2) 430 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

SAE J405-2018 / AISI 430 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition (%)
≤ 0.12≤ 1≤ 1≤ 0.04≤ 0.0316-18≤ 0.75

(3) Application of AISI 430 Steel Customer Projects

In recent years, many customers in Songshun who purchase 430 stainless steel usually use it in projects in the fields of furniture, decoration, kitchen utensils, pipes, automobile exhaust systems and other fields. Most customers use 430 stainless steel to make kitchen knives, pans, door handles, body trim, tables and chairs, etc.

Why Choose Songshun Steel

1.From a product perspective, Songshun, as one of the professional 430 stainless steel suppliers, has rich experience and expertise and can provide you with technical support and advice on 430 stainless steel, and many customers purchase 430 stainless steel from us. Steel can be well applied to projects. We have a strict and professional quality inspection department to ensure the quality and reliability of materials and provide you with high-quality stainless steel materials that meet your requirements.

2.From the perspective of production and supply, Songshun is a 304 stainless steel supplier with stable supply capabilities and abundant inventory. The production and processing equipment and technology are first-class, which can not only meet your large-volume needs, but also Product consistency and high quality can be guaranteed.

3.From the perspective of service, compared with many 430 stainless steel suppliers, Songshun Steel has complete after-sales service, can provide customized solutions according to customer needs, can provide timely technical support and after-sales guarantee, and can help customers solve problems encountered during the use of 430 stainless steel and ensure the long-term reliability of the product.

4.From customer feedback and reputation, as one of the 430 stainless steel suppliers with many years of experience in China, Songshun has won many customers who trust us and have long-term cooperation with us because of our focus on product quality and customer needs. Moreover, our customers have good feedback on us, making us a reputable supplier.

All in all, there are many 430 stainless steel suppliers on the market. Choosing Songshun Steel will give you a satisfactory and enjoyable purchasing process. And among many stainless steel suppliers, we have the advantages of price, quality and service, and are a high-quality supplier that can meet customer needs.

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