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Mold Steel H11 Diversified Applications

AISI H11 steel is a secondary hardening high-performance hot work die steel. It is famous for its high temperature stability and can maintain excellent mechanical properties in environments up to 600°C. H11 has high strength, high hardness, excellent heat resistance, good wear resistance and impact resistance, etc. It is suitable for a variety of high temperature and high stress working environments and has broad application prospects in many fields. At Songshun, we have many years of rich experience in providing H11 materials and can meet the various needs of using H11 steel in various fields, making it perform well in various industries. This article will take you to explore the diverse application fields of H11.

Mold Making

H11 is able to maintain stable performance and durability under high temperature and high pressure conditions, extending the service life of the mold, and is a high-quality material for manufacturing various molds.

Mold steel H11 is often used to manufacture various die-casting dies, high-speed hammer forging dies, injection molds, aluminum and magnesium alloy hot forging dies, forging press integral dies, plastic molds, hot work dies, hot extrusion dies, stamping dies, cold Extrusion dies, precision stamping dies, etc.

Automotive Field

In this field, H11 steel has high strength, excellent heat resistance and fatigue resistance, allowing it to manufacture a variety of high-quality automotive parts, ensuring the stability, safety and durability of parts in various automotive systems.

It is used to manufacture high-strength automotive parts such as engine parts, body structural parts, engine valve seat rings, engine high-pressure cylinder blocks, crankshafts, exhaust pipes, piston rings, transmission systems, and suspension systems.

Tool Making

In the field of tool manufacturing, H11 is widely used in the manufacture of various tools, especially those that require heat resistance and wear resistance. Including punches, forging tools, die forging machine tools, punching tools, mandrels, coolers, cutting tools, hot shear knives, knives, blades, etc.

Energy Field

In this field, H11 can withstand high temperature and high pressure environments, and has good thermal fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the equipment or components it manufactures can operate stably for a long time, providing a strong guarantee.

SAE H11 steel is mainly used to manufacture various boilers, pressure vessels, power station equipment, valves, natural gas pipelines, pumps, low-temperature steel plates for LNG storage tanks, drilling equipment, etc.

Aerospace Field

The requirements for materials in the aerospace field are very strict. H11, because of its excellent heat resistance, strength and wear resistance, can meet the material requirements of being able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures and other stringent requirements in this field. Require.

It is used to manufacture aircraft combustion chambers, turbine bearings, spacecraft casings, turbine blades, turbine disks, jet nozzles, bushings, liquid hydrogen tanks, etc.

Shipbuilding Field

H11 is usually used in the field of shipbuilding to manufacture various ship hulls, cabin partitions, ship engine parts, propellers, bearings, exhaust pipes, exhaust valves, hull connectors, hangers, etc.

In addition to being used in the above fields, ASTM H11 steel is also used to manufacture key components of various heat treatment equipment, various precision molds for electronic products, steam turbines, machining equipment components, hydraulic equipment components, etc. It can be seen that H11 mold steel has a very broad application prospect and is one of the ideal materials in many industries. Our Songshun Steel has a professional team and rich experience to provide you with the best H11 steel and help you understand everything you want to know.


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