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Comprehensive Inventory Of The Outstanding Properties Of M35 HSS

AISI M35 steel is one of the important cobalt alloy high-speed steel materials in the manufacturing industry. It is mainly composed of tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium and other alloy elements. Through the reasonable proportion of these alloy elements and correct heat treatment, m35 hss has unique material properties and excellent performance, making it stand out in many industrial fields. This article will take a detailed inventory of the main properties of M35 high-speed steel supplied by Songshun, so that you can better play its maximum role.

Hardness and Wear Resistance

M35 HSS has excellent hardness, hot hardness, high temperature hardness and high red hardness. Through appropriate heat treatment, its hardness can reach 67~70HRC, and its high red hardness (625℃ for 4 hours) can reach 63~65HRC. This makes M35 steel have excellent wear resistance, and it can still maintain high hardness at high temperatures and is not easy to deform and wear, which greatly improves the service life and efficiency of the tool and reduces production costs. These two characteristics also make the m35 hss suitable for high-wear machining environments and ideal for manufacturing high-performance cutting tools.

Strength and Toughness

The toughness and bending strength of high-speed steel M35 are not lower than those of ordinary high-speed steel. It can withstand complex mechanical environments and working conditions such as impact, vibration, extrusion, and high-speed cutting, while still maintaining its shape and performance, and is not prone to fracture, deformation, and collapse. This ensures the stability, durability, and reliability of the tool, providing strong support for production and processing, making the m35 hss an ideal choice for manufacturing tools that need to withstand significant forces and impacts.

Heat Resistance

SAE M35 material has good heat resistance and thermal fatigue resistance, allowing it to withstand higher temperatures without being affected during manufacturing and processing. Therefore, m35 hss can maintain stable performance for a long time in high temperature environments, is not easy to soften and sinter, has outstanding sintering resistance, and is suitable for various high temperature processing occasions.


For high-speed steel, the importance of hardenability is that it directly affects the cutting performance and wear resistance of the tool. The hardenability of material m35 is excellent. It has a large amount of tungsten and molybdenum content, which can refine the grains of steel, reduce the overheating sensitivity of steel, and improve the hardenability. So that the structural structure after quenching is evenly distributed and has a deep hardened layer.


Elements such as chromium, molybdenum and silicon in M35 steel improve its oxidation resistance, forming a dense oxide film on its surface to prevent further oxygen erosion and extend the service life of manufactured products.

Tungsten Content

Among the chemical composition of steel m35, it has the largest tungsten content, which has a significant impact on the performance of m35 hss. The addition of tungsten forms refractory carbide, which significantly improves its thermal stability, hardness and wear resistance. This element can also delay the aggregation process of carbides, refine the grains, prevent the development of temper brittleness, thereby improving its tempering stability, strength and toughness, etc.

In addition to the above, m35 hss also has good anti-adhesion, processability, durability, high pressure resistance, wide applicability, etc. In general, the m35 high speed steel supplied by Songshun Steel not only has excellent performance and high quality, but also has a favorable price, making hss m35 one of the ideal and reliable materials of choice in many fields.


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