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M35 High Speed Steel, All You Want To Know

How much do you know about M35 high-performance material with high toughness, high wear resistance and very good hot hardness? M35 high speed steel is a tungsten-molybdenum-cobalt high-speed cutting tool steel with excellent performance. It is widely used in cutting tools, machinery, automobiles and molds. It is a good material with excellent value for money. Here, you can learn more about the chemical composition, equivalent specification, properties, applications, heat treatment and supply range of m35 high speed steel.

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M35 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition

Chemical CompositionContent (%)

It can be seen from the table that m35 hhs contains more W elements, and the high W content provides m35 steel with good heat resistance and hardness, and can maintain hardness and strength at high temperatures. The second is Mo content, which can improve the high-temperature strength, corrosion resistance and toughness of m35 high-speed steel, and improve hardenability. M35 steel has the least carbon content, but the carbides are evenly distributed and fine, so it has better grinding performance than traditional high-speed steel.

ASTM M35 High Speed Steel Equivalent Specification

M35 High Speed Steel Equivalent Grade:
China GB/T 9943 standard: GB W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5
American ASTM A600 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM M35
German DIN EN ISO 4957 standard: DIN S6525 / DIN 1.3243
British BS 4659 standard: BS BM35
Japan JIS G4403 standard: JIS SKH55

These equivalent grades have similar chemical compositions and mechanical properties, making them interchangeable in many applications.

M35 High Speed Steel Properties

The high-performance m35 high speed steel makes it popular in many fields around the world. The following are some of the main properties of this steel grade:

1.Hardness: M35 high-speed steel has high cobalt content and high hardness performance, and can still maintain a certain hardness in high temperature environments.

2.Wear Resistance: Steel M35 is a material with excellent wear resistance, which can maintain a long tool life under high-speed cutting and heavy-duty cutting conditions.

3.Strength: From the mechanical properties of m35 high-speed steel, it can be seen that the strength is relatively high, its tensile strength is 1770-1980MPa, and its yield strength is 1475-1665MPa.

4.Thermal Stability and Heat Resistance: M35 steel can maintain high hardness and wear resistance because of its thermal stability and high heat resistance. The maximum operating temperature is about 600 degrees, which can cope with high temperature cutting and Heavy cutting conditions.

5.Cutting Property: M35 material has good cutting performance due to its high hardness, wear resistance, and strength, which can improve cutting efficiency and tool life, reduce the frequency of tool replacement, and thus reduce production costs.

ASTM M35 High Speed Steel Equivalent Specification

Due to the excellent performance of m35 high speed steel, it is widely used in the fields of automobiles, cutting tools, aerospace, molds, and machinery manufacturing. Especially in the field of cutting tools, m35 is the best material for manufacturing various cutting tools, including cutting knives, milling cutters, thread cutters, reamers, broaches and planers, etc.; in the field of aerospace, m35 high speed steel can manufacture many aircraft key components; in the field of molds, m35 steel can meet the requirements of high precision, high wear resistance, high temperature, etc., and can manufacture various molds.

M35 High Speed Steel Heat Treatment

M35 material steel improves its various properties through heat treatment, usually by quenching and tempering, sometimes by high-temperature solid solution and low-temperature quenching, this process can effectively enhance the hardness, strength and toughness of the steel, and at the same time Heat resistance and abrasion resistance are guaranteed.

M35 High Speed Steel Supply Range

M35 High Speed Steel Round Bar:
Diameter 1mm – 600mm;

M35 High Speed Steel Hot-Rolled Plate:
Thickness 4-36mm, Width 650-2000mm, Length 1000-45000mm;

M35 High Speed Steel Cold-Rolled Plate:
Thickness 0.8-4.5mm, Width 650-1000mm, Length 800-2200mm;

Other M35 High Speed Steel Specifications: Support Customization;

Surface Treatment: Black, Rough Machined, Turned or as Given Requirements.

After a comprehensive understanding of the composition, performance, and application of m35 high speed steel, it can be seen that m35 material is an excellent high-speed steel with excellent performance and wide application prospects. It can meet the stringent requirements for high-speed steel in many fields, and has become an indispensable material for more and more manufacturing companies. In Songshun, we can provide high-quality m35 high speed steel product with the best price, the most professional service and the most sincere attitude, welcome to send inquiries to us at anytime.


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