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M2 vs M35 Steel : Which HSS is More Suitable to Purchase?

In the fields of cutting tools, molds, and metal processing, m2 and m35 steels are widely used and play their unique roles. Recently, m35 high-speed steel and m2 high-speed steel have received much attention. Some customers have asked which of the two types of high-speed steel m2 vs m35 steel are more suitable for procurement, and what are their differences? If you are looking for high-quality suppliers of high-speed steel, understanding the differences between the two is important for purchasing suitable steel.

What is M2 HSS?

M2 steel is a common high-speed steel with high tungsten content, equivalent to GB W6Mo5Cr4V2 steel, mainly composed of tungsten, molybdenum and chromium elements. It has the advantages of small carbide inhomogeneity and high toughness.

What is M35 High Speed Steel?

AISI M35 steel is a cobalt-containing super-hard high-alloy tool steel, equivalent to GB W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 steel, also called HSSE or HSS-E, with the advantages of high temperature stability, sintering resistance and high wear resistance.

M2 vs M35 Steel Comparative Analysis

1.Chemical Composition

M2 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%) (Regluar C)
0.78-0.880.20-0.450.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.75-4.504.50-5.505.50-6.751.75-2.20Ni+Cu≤ 0.75
M2 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%) (High C)
0.95-1.050.20-0.420.15-0.40≤0.03≤0.033.75-4.504.50-5.505.50-6.751.75-2.20Ni+Cu≤ 0.75
M35 High Speed Steel Chemical Composition (%)

From the above table, we can see that m35 material contains a higher proportion of cobalt, while m2 material does not contain cobalt. But m2 can have higher W, Mo and Cr content. The difference in these components between m2 and m35 steel also affects their performance.

2. M2 vs M35 Steel Performance

High-speed steel m35 has better wear resistance, thermal stability, heat treatment, sintering resistance and heat resistance under high temperature conditions, so that it can still maintain stable performance under high temperature and high-speed cutting environment, is not easy to be worn, and performs better.

In contrast, although AISI m2 steel does not have cobalt added, it contains a large amount of tungsten and molybdenum carbide, which makes it have better toughness, cutting performance and machinability. It has the best anti-cracking performance and is suitable for most conventional cutting operations.

3. Application

Comparing m2 vs m35 steel, steel m2 has a wider range of uses, but AISI m35 steel is more suitable for manufacturing high-precision, high-requirement and difficult-to-process materials.

M2 high speed steel: m2 is suitable for general high-speed cutting, deep hole drilling, planing and other processing tasks. It is suitable for manufacturing tools and molds that require higher toughness and machinability.

M35 high speed steel: m35 is suitable for processing of higher-requirement high-speed cutting and difficult-to-process materials, such as stainless steel processing, high-strength alloy steel processing, high-temperature processing, fine processing, intermittent cutting and heavy-load cutting. Especially when processing hardened materials, it performs well. It is widely used in the processing of key parts in hot rolling, aerospace, automotive and other fields, and is often used to make higher quality and high wear-resistant tools, tools and molds.

Selection of M2 vs M35 Steel

At Songshun Steel, our steel m35 and m2 hss heat treatment processes strictly follow the requirements for high-quality production. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring quality, you can choose based on the following factors.

(1) If considering price factors, m2 steel can be chosen for those with relatively low prices.

(2) If performance is considered, the process performance, wear resistance, heat hardening, hardenability, and high temperature resistance of M35 are better than those of M2 steel, while the toughness and crack resistance of M2 steel are better than those of M35 steel.

(3) If considering application projects, m2 is suitable for situations where cutting performance requirements are not too high; M35 is suitable for processing high hardness materials or performing cutting operations in high-temperature environments. If you are pursuing higher machining accuracy and longer tool life, or manufacturing tools with high requirements for high-strength cutting and wear resistance, M35 high-speed steel is also a good choice.

In summary, m2 vs m35 steel have their own advantages in various aspects, so when selecting these two types of high-speed steel, you need to choose a high-performance matching high-speed steel based on your own product working conditions and the performance requirements of your product for the steel. We have many years of rich experience in providing m2 steel and m35 steel from Songshun Steel. We are well aware that materials may not necessarily be more expensive than better, and suitability is the most important. Therefore, the final choice should be balanced based on specific needs and scenarios.


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