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M2 Steel: Ideal Material For Multiple Fields

AISI M2 steel is a high-quality molybdenum-based high-speed steel with high cost and complicated manufacturing process. It has the advantages of small carbide unevenness, excellent hot (red) hardness, easy processing and high toughness. M2 steel plays an important role in many fields with its excellent properties and is one of the ideal materials for many manufacturing industries. Songshun Steel has rich experience in providing m2 steel and has in-depth understanding of the specific applications of m2 high-speed steel purchased by customers in many countries. This article will take you to explore the wide range of application fields of m2 steel.

Tool Manufacturing Industry

M2 steel has high hardness and wear resistance, making it an ideal material for making knives. The tools it manufactures can maintain good cutting performance and long-term durability under high-speed cutting and heavy-load working conditions, reducing the frequency of tool replacement and reducing processing costs.

High-speed steel m2 is often used to manufacture various milling cutters, planers, turning tools, reamers, broaches, gear cutters, turning tools, lathe tools, hobs, tools for cutting difficult materials, etc.

Mold Processing Field

In this field, due to the excellent performance of m2 steel, the mold can still maintain good performance under high temperature and high pressure conditions, extend the service life of the mold, and improve the durability and production efficiency of the mold.

It is mainly used to manufacture various molds, such as punching dies, die-casting dies, injection molds, extrusion dies, high-speed punch dies, fine blanking dies, shearing machine dies, cold forging dies, deep drawing dies, punching dies, powder pressing dies, etc.

Tool Manufacturing Field

Various tools made of SAE m2 steel can not only ensure their quality, but also make the workpiece processing process more efficient, precise and have a longer service life.

M2 high-speed steel can be used to manufacture drill bits, milling cutter holders, calipers, grinding wheels, grinding wheels, vernier calipers, screwdrivers, wrenches, punches, optical instruments, gears, metal cutting saws, taps, extrusion plungers, screws, etc.

Automotive Field

In the automobile manufacturing industry, m2 steel is mainly used in the manufacturing of various automobile parts. It can meet various requirements of automobile parts and can also improve the processing efficiency and quality in the automobile manufacturing process.

It is widely used in manufacturing engine parts, engine parts, transmission systems, brake components, crankshafts, transmission system parts, automotive gears and machining cylinder heads, etc.

Energy Industry

In this field, ASTM m2 steel is mainly used to manufacture drill bits, drill pipes and other tools for drilling, large wind turbines, wind turbine blades, boilers and steam turbines and other components, reactor control rods, fuel rods, etc.

In addition to the above fields, m2 steel is also used in metal processing, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, electronic equipment and other industries. With the development of modern industry and technology, the demand for high-performance materials is growing day by day. It is believed that m2 high speed steel will have broader application prospects in the future. We at Songshun Steel will continue to improve and innovate to provide the best steel.


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