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Low Alloy Steel


There are so many types of steel, everyone plays different roles due to difference own identity. And high strength low alloy steel is a big part of that. Its total alloy elements content is less than 5%, so it was called low alloy steel. It is at the base of the carbon steel to add one or several alloy elements to make its properties get better. And the alloy element content of annual alloy steel is less than 3.5%. If the alloy element content at the range of 5%-10%, then it is medium alloy steel. And the alloy contents of high alloy steel is more than 10%.

Low Alloy Steel Uses

It has great technological properties. The machinability, cold and hot processing properties, heat treatment properties and etc are so good. So it is used widely in the industry. Such as the engineering plant, ships, bridges, buildings, automobiles and etc.

Low Alloy Steel Properties

The yield stress of steel determines how big stress that steel can suffer and does not cause any deformation. The lowest yield stress of carbon steel is 235MPa. And the low alloy steel is 345MPa. Compare two types of steel, use it can decrease steel size and make the weight get lower. But there is the point must concern, if the steel will be bend during the use, then must fix the problem by processing to get better properties. Sometimes, use it to substitute carbon steel but not change the size of the cross-section, the purpose is to get higher strength at the condition of not raise the weight.

The latest development is to use critical annealing and rapid cooling to get it. This type of it has good forming property. The yield stress at the range of 310-345MPa.


Welding Properties

The welding is a big part of steel production. The steel must get proper welding properties. If the processing of welding is good, then most of the low alloy steel can be welding very well. But if high content for carbon and manganese in it, must preheat or use low-hydrogen electrode. No matter what thickness it is, some low alloy steel must use hydrogen free electrode.

Corrosion Resistance

When you use the high strength low alloy steel, the requirements are high strength and the cross-section will be smaller. That will decrease weight and the performance-price ratio will be higher. But we need to care about the corrosion-proof. If the thickness of the steel cross-section is lower, then the corrosion-proof is more important. The steel corrosion resistance was achieved by spreading the erosion resistant coating on the steel surface.

Some low alloy steel has great inoxidizability. And copper, phosphorus, silicon, chromium, nickel, molybdenum those elements can raise the corrosion resistance.

1.2311 steel plate

The Impact

Because of it has high strength and good properties, so people usually use it to make weapons and equipment in the national defense construction. The products will be lighter and faster. Apart from high strength, it also has good corrosion resistance, technological properties and etc. So it can make a huge impact on the development of many fields. Such as the industry, ships, bridges, buildings, machines, roads, boiler and etc. It is a big support for the industrial revolution. Because of the development of material, so the size, weight, properties and etc of industry products can be better.

Production Condition

In China, steel production is not a problem anymore. The main mission right now is to raise the steel products competitive in the world. Some companies are aware of that the key of the low alloy steel production is to raise the manufacturing technique and value. The point of production condition in China for it as below.

  1. The carbon content is less than 0.20% and that is at a low level.
  2. Most of the products are the hot rolled condition.
  3. Many steel grades by adding the rare earth elements to raise steel properties.


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