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Learn About Plastic Mold Steel

What is plastic mold steel? Plastic mold steel is a mold steel with high hardness, easy polishing, corrosion resistance and good heat treatment stability. It is a kind of mold steel used for plastic production, and it is the same category as plastic mold steel. The difference from injection mold steel is that plastic molding requires molds, and injection molds use injection molding machines. Plastic mold steel can generally be divided into age-hardening plastic mold steel, pre-hardened buried mold steel, corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel, carburizing plastic mold steel, quenched and tempered plastic mold steel and hardened plastic mold steel a large category. Plastic mold steel has strict performance requirements and is widely used. It is an important part of raw materials used in various fields.

This article will introduce in detail the characteristics, grades, chemical composition, properties, applications, material specifications and other information of plastic mold steel.

Plastic Mold Steel Characteristics

1.Machinability, easy processing
2.Anti-softening, high strength and high toughness at high temperature
3.Excellent wear resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient
4.High hardenability, good electrical processing performance
5.Good fracture resistance and small heat treatment deformation
6.Good thermal fatigue resistance, high surface precision
7.It is widely used and plays an important role in various fields

Plastic Mold Steel Grades

No.Equivalent Grade


Plastic Mold Steel Chemical Composition

Plastic Mold Steel Properties And Applications

DIN 1.2316 Plastic Mold Steel
1.2316 plastic mold steel is a high corrosion-resistant chromium-nickel-manganese alloy mold steel, containing 15.50-16.50% Cr content and less than or equal to 1.00% W content, making it excellent in oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal stability.It is usually refined by conventional smelting EF+LF+VD technology. Due to the high chromium content, it is not suitable for nitriding and chrome plating. After heat treatment, it has good comprehensive properties and is often used to make cosmetic molds, stationery molds, PVC, POM And other plastic products.

AISI P20 Plastic Mold Steel
It has good machinability and mirror grinding performance, high purity and high-quality polishability. It is a medium carbon alloy mold steel, which can be directly used for mold making and has a long service life. P20 plastic mold steel is used in the manufacture of extrusion molds, plastic molds and mold bases for chemical equipment, vacuum cleaners and TV front shells, medical equipment, main parts of heavy-duty molds, inner shells of refrigerators, food processing equipment, etc.

AISI P20+Ni Plastic Mold Steel
Mirror plastic mold steel containing nickel, chromium and molybdenum has good machinability, polishing performance, EDM performance and leather texture processing performance, etc. AISI P20+Ni plastic mold steel is a micro-alloy vacuum degassed steel with good comprehensive mechanical properties, and it can obtain a high-hardness surface structure through nitriding treatment. It is often used to make large mirror plastic molds, molds for car bumpers and car door panel interiors, TV sets, etc.

Plastic Mold Steel Supply

Steel Round Bar: diameter 2mm-1000mm;
Steel Plate: thickness can reach 600mm, width can reach 3000mm;
Different types of plastic mold steel have different specification ranges, and other specifications can be customized;
Surface Treatment: black, rough machined, peeled and turned or as given requirements.

Plastic Mold Steel Material On Sale

Plastic mold steel is widely used in our daily life or in industry, and the demand for plastic mold steel in the market is also increasing. Knowing more about plastic mold steel types and applications, you can better choose high-quality products that suit you Die steel.

As a professional mold steel supplier in China, we have more than ten years of experience, whether it is the manufacture, material selection or testing of plastic mold steel, we are top-notch, ensuring to provide you with the best plastic mold steel.


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