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Steel foundries are an important part of steel manufacturing, an important role in national industry and economic contribution, and a core industry that promotes the development of the steel market. Steel foundry mainly manufacture iron ore and other raw materials into steel products required in various fields, which require multiple processes. It plays an important role in various fields and is a key sector in providing steel. Therefore, global steel foundry is very important to the development of their country’s steel industry. This article will introduce several world-renowned steel foundries, just for your reference.

Baowu Group

Baowu Group is China’s leading steel group, and its factories are world-renowned steel foundries. Founded in 1978, it has multiple production bases, production lines and subsidiaries. It continues to improve itself and forge ahead, becoming the largest and most influential steel company in the world.

Baowu Group provides steel and new materials, with a production capacity of 100 million tons. Many products have made their global debut. It has a number of emerging technologies and many products have made their global debut.

EVRAZ North America

EVRAZ is a leading global steel foundry and manufacturer and one of the largest steel producers headquartered in Chicago. Founded in 1881, their steel foundry is the only one in the world powered by renewable solar energy, and they continue to innovate to drive their industry leadership.

As a well-known steel foundry in North America, they produce a variety of special steel products customized to meet the unique needs of the market. During the production process, they adhere to the concept of sustainable development and pay attention to environmental protection.

Nucor Corporation

Nucor Corporation is the largest steel producer in the United States and the largest scrap recycler in North America, and owns one of the world’s fastest-growing steel foundries. Founded in 1940, it has several production plants and continues to undergo major expansions and upgrades of its existing steel foundry.

Their production capacity continues to grow every year and they continue to expand the company’s business scope. The main products they produce include rebar, steel plates, structural steel, carbon steel plates, steel bars, etc.

New Zealand Steel

New Zealand Steel operates a fully integrated steel foundry and is New Zealand’s only producer of flat steel products. Founded in 1965, it has continued to expand and develop, with the long-term vision of establishing a steel industry that utilizes the abundant local raw materials.

It has one of the world’s leading steel foundries, producing billet, galvanized steel, color steel and hot-rolled steel, among others, for domestic and export markets.


BlueScope is a leading global steel foundry in the production of painted and coated steel and one of Australia-based manufacturers of premium steel. Their teams are located in multiple countries and are committed to being responsible leaders in innovative and durable steel materials, products and technologies.

They continuously research and develop new materials, improve technology, attach great importance to quality assurance, and mainly produce products in the construction industry, automotive and manufacturing end-use sectors.


Ovako is Europe’s leading engineering steel manufacturer and a Swedish steel foundry engaged in the production of high-quality engineering steel. Its steel production at the Imatra Steel Plant is continuously upgraded and developed, with world-leading technology and production capacity.

As a leading steel foundry of the highest quality engineering steel, Ovako produces steel in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rods, tubes, wires, seamless tubes and more.

These steel foundries play an important role in the steel industry. They focus on sustainable development and make important contributions to the development of the national economy and the optimization of the industrial structure with their professional and efficient production methods.

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