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HSS M35 Widely Used In Multiple Fields

M35 HSS is a high-quality multifunctional tool steel containing a large amount of tungsten and molybdenum elements, with excellent hardness, red hardness, strength, toughness, sintering resistance and wear resistance, etc. With its uniqueness and versatility, hss m35 has performed well in many fields, showing its unique application value, making it an indispensable material in many industries. At Songshun, we specialize in providing high-quality M35 steel, providing powerful solutions and reliable support for all walks of life. This article will take a detailed look at the wide range of applications of HSS M35.

Mold Manufacturing

Because hss m35 has high temperature hardness, wear resistance and toughness, it plays an important role in this field and is one of the preferred materials for low-cost mold manufacturing. Using it to make molds can overcome early damage such as mold edge collapse and cracking, effectively improve the service life and production efficiency of the mold, and maintain stable performance under long-term high-load working conditions, extending the service life of the mold.

It is often used to manufacture various cold forging dies, drawing dies, deep connection dies, advanced punching dies, screw dies, stamping dies, extrusion dies, cold punching dies, die-casting dies, rubber molds, Heng molds, etc. High-precision and high-stability molds, etc.

Metal Processing

High-speed steel m35 can withstand high-speed, high-temperature, and high-pressure working environments, and can meet high-demand processing techniques, including turning, milling, grinding, cutting, polishing, drilling, stamping, etc. It performs particularly well when processing high-hardness, high-strength alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, and composite materials, which can improve processing efficiency and quality.

Cutting Tools

In the field of cutting tool manufacturing, m35 material has high performance. The cutting tools manufactured can maintain high hardness and sharpness for a longer time, have stable cutting performance, and can also improve their processing quality and efficiency and extend their service life.

HSS M35 is suitable for manufacturing reamers, broaches, scraper knives, saw blades, saw blades, milling cutters, punches, drills, hobs, taps, reamers, broaches, planers, turning tools, blades, gear cutters and various cutting tools that require toughness and complex shapes.

Military and Aerospace

In this field, the material has extremely high requirements for high strength, high temperature performance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, and the performance of hss m35 can meet these demanding requirements, ensuring the reliability and durability of manufactured parts, equipment and weapons.

AISI M35 steel is used to manufacture high-precision parts and complex structures such as aircraft engine parts, jet engines, turbine blades, spacecraft structures, military helmets, bearings, military weapons, and military equipment.

Other Tool Manufacturing

In addition to manufacturing cutting tools, SAE M35 high-speed steel is also used to manufacture various other tools. Tools made of hss m35 can not only withstand greater friction and impact, but also maintain stable performance in high temperature environments, ensuring the durability and quality of the tools.

It is used to manufacture various cutting tools, calipers, bone drills, thread gauges, measuring tools, optical devices, clocks, construction tools, woodworking tools, golf clubs, bows and arrows, etc.

Automobile Manufacturing

In this field, m35 steel is mainly used to manufacture some demanding automobile parts, which not only ensure the high precision of the parts, but also ensure their quality and performance.

Tool steel m35 is mainly used to manufacture key parts such as automobile engine camshafts, gears, bearings and body structure parts.

HSS M35 is also used in machinery manufacturing, 3D printing materials, medical equipment and other fields. It has demonstrated its excellent performance and value in various fields, and with the continuous improvement of industrial and technological levels, the excellent performance of m35 hss will increase, and its future application prospects will be broader.


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