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How to Operate the Heat Treatment Process of High Quality P20 Steel

aisi p20 steel

P20 steel is a commonly used high-strength mold steel material, equivalent to DIN 1.2311 steel. Due to its excellent performance, it is often widely used in the field of molds, so optimizing the performance of p20 steel is very important to the life and production efficiency of molds. The key step to improve the performance of aisi p20 steel is the heat treatment process, so to learn more about the heat treatment process of p20 steel and optimize the heat treatment technology, we can produce better p20 and make better use of it.

In the heat treatment process, P20 steel is most commonly used for quenching and tempering processes. By controlling the temperature and time of these two process steps to optimize the heat treatment process technology, the hardness, strength, toughness and wear resistance of P20 mold steel can be significantly improved, to improve the service life of the mold.

(1) Quenching

P20 steel reaches an austenitized state by heating to an appropriate temperature. The mass fraction of Mo element in P20 steel (3Cr2Mo) reaches 0.46%, which can inhibit the transformation of austenite to pearlite and improve the stability of austenite. Then, rapid cooling (quenching) can make the astm p20 steel rapidly cool from the austenitizing temperature to room temperature, which can make the steel produce high hardness and high strength Martensite structure.

During the quenching process, it is necessary to pay attention to its medium. Using oil cooling can obtain relatively low hardness, while water cooling can achieve higher hardness; the cooling rate should also be strictly controlled to ensure that the steel obtains the required physical properties and improve Wear resistance and impact resistance of the material. By optimizing and adjusting the heating temperature and holding time, the degree of austenitization and martensitic transformation of P20 steel can be controlled, so that P20 steel with different hardness and strength can be obtained.

(2) Tempering

The nitriding treatment of 1.2738 plastic mold steel is to expose the 1.2738 steel to a nitrogen source such as ammonia or nitrogen at a temperature of 900°F to 1150°F after hardening to carry out the nitriding reaction. The process includes three steps of pretreatment, nitriding and post-treatment to form a dense nitrided layer with high hardness and corrosion resistance on the surface of the steel. 1.2738 plastic mold steel has better surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance after nitriding treatment, and can also improve its tribological properties and fatigue life. Nitriding 1.2738 is suitable for mechanical parts that require high surface hardness and long-term durability.

During the tempering process, it is necessary to pay attention to the tempering temperature and time. Different temperature and time will lead to different properties of p20 steel. For example, usually higher tempering temperature and appropriate holding time can improve the toughness of the material, while lower Tempering temperature can obtain higher hardness. Therefore, according to customer needs, adjusting and optimizing the tempering process is the key to improving the performance and quality of p20 mold steel.

In addition to the heat treatment process of quenching and tempering, there are also normalizing and annealing, which can significantly improve the performance and quality of p20 steel, so it is very important to optimize the heat treatment process of p20 mold steel to make it an ideal choice for manufacturing high-quality molds important. In Songshun Steel, our engineers usually formulate standardized heat treatment parameters according to customer needs, and then continue to innovate and research, optimize and adjust heat treatment process parameters, improve production efficiency and product quality, and provide customers with better DIN 1.2311 / AISI P20 steel, is your best P20 steel supplier partner.

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