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Hot Rolled Steel

The cold rolling is the rolling processing under the recrystallization temperature. For the hot rolled steel, the rolling must with the higher recrystallization temperature. To put it simply, after the heat for steel billet, make it been though several rolling processing, then trimming and adjust to make it become steel plate. That is called hot rolling. It dramatically reduces the cost of energy and money. In the hot rolling, the metal plasticity gets high, with lower resistance to deformation, which is hugely decrease the cost of energy for metal deformation. And it can improve the processing property of metal and alloy. Because hot rolled steel was made by rolling with high temperature, so its strength is not high. But it is enough to satisfy our needs.

Hot Rolled Steel Properties

It has great strength, toughness and weldability. So it is being used widely in the manufacturing industry of automobiles, ships, bridges, machines, buildings and etc. The temperature of ending for hot rolling is at the range of 800℃ – 900℃. Then air cooling, so the condition of hot-rolled is equal to normalizing processing.

Most of the steel was made by the hot rolling. Because of the high temperature of heating, the surface will get the mill scale. So the steel which is delivered at the hot rolled state has certain corrosion resistance, it can be stacked in open storage. But the mill scale will make the surface of hot rolled steel be rough, the fluctuation of size will be bigger. So if you need the steel with a clean surface, high precision size and good properties, must use the hot rolled steel as raw material to cold rolling to get that.

Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

The width of it is bigger than 599mm. And there are two range for thickness: 0.35mm – 200mm; 1.2mm – 25mm. A hot rolled steel sheet is made by a steel plate. It plays a big role in the type of steel plate. According to the application, it can be divide into carbon structural hot rolled steel sheet, low alloy structural hot rolled steel plate, carbon tool hot rolled steel sheet, stainless steel plate and etc. The hot rolled steel prices are depending on size and processing ways of it.



Different type of hot rolled steel has different applications. Structural steel is mainly used for the bridge, ships, cars, and more. And the automobile structural steel has great stamping property and welding property, its great material for wheel and frame of cars.

Cold Rolled Steel VS Hot Rolled Steel

In fact, steel billet is a semi-finished product for steel. It must get through the rolling to make it become satisfying steel for customers. And the hot rolling and cold rolling are the most common processing of rolling. But what is the difference between the two processing? That is the question that many people feel confused.

First of all, the cold-rolled steel plate is made by a hot rolled steel sheet. Cold rolling the hot rolled steel plate to get it. Meanwhile, during the cold rolling, it would be processed to make the surface be smooth. So if you have high requirements for surface, you need to choose the cold rolled steel sheet. And there are two types for hot rolled steel sheet, including the pickling and without pickling. The steel sheet that without pickling, the surface will get oxide layer. But if you pickling it, that will be wiped off.

Hot Rolled Steel Grades

There are too many grades for it. As below, I will show you guys common grades for hot rolled steel.

Low Alloy High Strength Steel SheetQ295GB/T1591-1994
Low Alloy High Strength Steel SheetQ345GB/T1591-1994
Low Alloy High Strength Steel SheetQ390GB/T1591-1994
Low Alloy High Strength Steel SheetQ420GB/T1591-1994
Structural Alloy Steel Plate15CrMoGB/T11251-1989
Structural Alloy Steel Plate20CrMoGB/T11251-1989
Structural Alloy Steel Plate30CrMoGB/T11251-1989
Structural Alloy Steel Plate35CrMoGB/T11251-1989
Structural Alloy Steel Plate42CrMoGB/T11251-1989
Carbon Structural Steel PlateQ235GB/700-1988
Carbon Structural Steel PlateQ255GB/700-1988
Carbon Structural Steel PlateQ275GB/700-1988

Hot Rolled Steel on Sale

We can provide all kinds of hot rolled steel, including steel bar, steel sheet, steel flat bar and more. Welcome contact us and tell us what you need and how to help you.


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