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High Speed Tool Steel Grades Equivalent Table


High speed tool steel has high hardness, strength and wear resistance. But the difference between the carbon steel and high speed tool steel is that high speed tool steel has high red hardness. So is good material for high speed cutting. As below, I will show you all the information of High Speed Tool Steel grade equivalents table for American ASTM, UNS, to GB, ISO, Europe, Germany, France, and Japan. And as a leader steel supplier in China, if you need the material as below, please kindly contact us.

W18Cr4V HS18-0-1 T1 T12001 SKH2 S18-0-1-B18 BT1 HS18-0-1 Z80WCV18-04-01 Z80WCN18-04-01
W18Cr4VCo5 HS18-1-1-5 T4 T5 T6 T12004 T12005 T12006 SKH3 SKH4A SKH4B S18-1-2-5 S18-1-2-10 S18-1-2-15 BT4 BT5 BT6 HS18-1-1-5 Z80WKCV18-05-04-01 Z85WK18-10
W18Cr4V2Co8 HS18-0-1-10 T5 T12005 SKH40 S18-1-2-10 BT5 HS18-0-2-9 Z80WKCV18-05-04-02
W12Cr4V5Co5 HS12-1-5-5 T15 T12015 SKH10 S12-1-4-5 S12-1-5-5 BT15 Z160WK12-05-05-04 HS12-1-5-5
W6Mo5Cr4V2 HS6-5-2 M2(Regular C) T11302 T11313 SKH51 SKH59 S6-5-2 SC6-5-2 BM2 HS6-5-2 Z85WDCV06-05-04-02 Z90WDCV06-05-04-02
CW6Mo5Cr4V2 -- M2(high C) T11302 -- SC6-5-2 -- --
W6Mo5Cr4V3 HS6-5-3 M2(class a) T11313 SKH52 S6-5-3 -- Z120WDCV06-05-04-03
CW6Mo5Cr4V3 HS6-5-3 M2(class b) T11323 SKH53 S6-5-3 -- HS6-5-3
W2Mo9Cr4V2 HS2-9-2 M7 T11307 SKH58 S2-9-2 -- HS2-9-2 Z100DCWV09-04-02-02
W6Mo5Cr4V2Co5 HS6-5-2-5 M35 -- SKH55 S6-5-2-5 -- HS6-5-2-5 Z85WDKCV06-05-05-04-02
W7Mo4Cr4V2Co5 HS7-4-2-5 M41 T11341 -- S7-4-2-5 -- HS7-4-2-5 Z110WKCDV07-05-04-04-02
W2Mo9Cr4VCo8 HS2-9-1-8 M42 T11342 SKH59 S2-10-1-8 BM42 HS2-9-1-8 Z110WKCDV09-08-04-02-01
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