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High Speed Steel m42 Excellent Properties

Steel m42 is a high-performance material containing a large number of alloying elements. It is widely used for its excellent performance, especially an ideal material for manufacturing knives and tools. Over the years, Songshun Steel has provided a variety of high-quality and high-performance m42 steel. Our professional manufacturing process allows m42 to obtain more excellent properties. The following is an introduction to the specific performance of m42.

Ultra High Hardness

AISI m42 steel has the highest carbon content among all high-speed steels, allowing it to achieve very high hardness after appropriate heat treatment processes, and it still has high hardness at high temperatures and has good high red hot hardness. The hardness of M42 can reach 60~70HRC, which makes it excellent in cutting and machining fields.

Excellent Wear Resistance

Due to its high hardness and special alloy formula, high-speed steel m42 contains high molybdenum and high cobalt content, which enhances its wear resistance. M42 has excellent wear resistance in cutting and cutting tool applications, can maintain stable performance and extend tool service life. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, machining and mold manufacturing and other fields.

Excellent Cutting And Processability

M42 steel has excellent cutting and processing capabilities during the cutting process, and can manufacture various high-precision and complex cutting tools. Whether it is roughing or finishing, it can provide efficient and precise cutting effects and improve processing efficiency.

Better Toughness

ASTM m42 steel can maintain stable performance under high load and high-speed cutting conditions, can resist fracture and damage, and is not prone to cracks or fractures, improving the life and reliability of manufacturing tools.

Fine And Uniform Grains

After a strict special process, the grains of m42 can be made fine and uniform and the carbide particles can be fine, which is beneficial to improving its performance.Thereby improving the performance of m42 steel in cutting and tool applications.

Good Thermal Stability

SAE m42 steel can still maintain good performance under high temperature and pressure, is not easy to soften or fail, and has good thermal stability, making m42 very popular in the fields of high-speed cutting and thermal processing.

In addition to the above, m42 also has high strength, good ductility, easy heat treatment and other properties. Because of its multifunctionality, m42 steel has diverse applications and provides an efficient and reliable material for manufacturing production. At Songshun Steel, we have many years of experience in supply m42 high speed steel and are committed to providing cost-effective and high-quality high-speed steel.


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