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H11 Steel: Everything You Need to Know

What is H11 steel? It is a hot work die steel that obtains a variety of excellent properties after tempering at high temperatures. AISI H11 steel is very widely used and is usually used in the field of mold manufacturing. And it still maintains high strength at temperatures close to 600°C, giving the manufactured products a long service life.

Songshun Steel has more than 20 years of experience in supplying high-quality H11 materials. We provide the best service, price and quality. This article will give you an in-depth understanding of the H11 steel we provide, including its steel equivalent, chemical composition analysis, performance, application, heat treatment specifications, delivery status and other information.

H11 Steel Equivalent

China GB /T 1299 standard: GB 4Cr5MoSiV
American ASTM A681 standard: AISI/SAE/ASTM H11
Japanese JIS G 4404 standard: JIS SKD 6
German DIN EN ISO 4957 standard: DIN EN/DIN X38CrMoV5-1 (X37CrMoV5-1)/W-Nr 1.2343

H11 Steel Chemical Composition

ASTM H11 Steel Chemical Composition (%)

Hot work mold steel H11 contains more Cr content, which can improve its corrosion resistance, surface hardness, thermal stability, etc.; under certain circumstances, its sulfur can be 0.06-0.15% to improve processability; ASTM H11 steel It also has a Mo content of 1.1-1.6%, which can improve the heat resistance and wear resistance of steel. The specific chemical composition content is controlled according to the customer’s needs to ensure its optimal performance.

AISI H11 Steel Properties

  • High hardness and high heat resistance
  • High strength
  • Good wear resistance and good hardenability
  • Good toughness, plasticity and corrosion resistance
  • Good high temperature stability and heat resistance
  • Good oxidation resistance and weldability
  • Easy to process

ASTM H11 Steel Applications

Mold steel H11 is widely used in mold manufacturing, tool manufacturing, mechanical engineering, aerospace, thermonuclear power plants, etc. H11 steel is often used to manufacture various high-speed hammer forging dies, plastic molds, hot fixture dies, cold forging dies, die-casting dies, aluminum and magnesium alloy hot forging dies, extrusion dies, cutting tools, thermal shear blades, heating elements , bearings, gears, etc.

H11 Steel Heat Treatment

  • Quenching
    Generally, H11 steel is controlled at 1000-1030°C, and then quickly taken out of the furnace for oil cooling. When the workpiece smokes but does not catch fire, it is taken out for air cooling to obtain high hardness and strength.
  • Tempering
    After quenching, heat the H11 mold steel to the tempering temperature of 530-650°C. It is recommended to temper twice at the selected tempering temperature, one hour each time, and air-cool three times after being released from the furnace to further improve the toughness and stability of the steel.
  • Spheroidizing Annealing
    The spheroidizing annealing temperature of the steel is controlled at 860-890°C. After 3 hours of heat preservation, the steel is cooled in the furnace; 730-750°C*4h isotherm, and the furnace is cooled to below 550°C and air-cooled out of the furnace.

Specific heat treatment specifications will vary according to different standards and applications required by customers.

SAE H11 Steel Supply

Shape type: Songshun provides H11 steel round steel, plates, steel coils, steel pipes, flat steel, rods, forgings, thick plates, forged pipes, forged plates, coils, etc.

Specifications: Sufficient inventory, multiple specifications, can be cut to any size you need.


(1)Delivery hardness

Heat Treatment/ConditionHardness(HBW)
Cold Drawn≤255 (BHN)
Annealing ≤229 (BHN)
Heat Treatment≥53 (HRC)
Heat treatment: preheating temperature 788°C, austenitizing salt bath temperature 996°C, controlled atmosphere furnace temperature 1010°C, austenitizing time 5~15min, quenching medium air, tempering temperature 552°C.

(2) Delivery status

It is usually delivered after processing by hot rolling, solid solution, cold drawing, annealing, quenching, forging, casting, finishing, and annealing + other processing methods (peeling, light drawing, pickling, grinding or polishing, etc.).

The specific delivery status and hardness are determined according to customer needs, and we at Songshun are committed to meeting customer needs.

Choose The Best H11 Steel

When purchasing AISI H11 steel, you should confirm the following points:
1. Determine the shape, specifications and quantity of H11 steel.
2. Determine what project you are purchasing H11 steel for, what heat treatment or properties are required.
3. Determine the surface condition or tolerance you require.
4. Determine whether the supplier provides quality inspection or material certificate for H11 steel.
Determine if specific packaging or cabinet loading is required to ensure better loading and unloading.

Hot work mold steel H11 is an important material in the manufacturing field. Songshun Steel provides excellent quality H11 steel and services. With the above comprehensive understanding of the H11 materials we provide, we can better purchase the most suitable and best AISI H11 steel.


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