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H11 Mold Steel: Exploration of Excellent Performance

H11 steel is an air-cooled hardening hot work die steel that is often used in high-speed hammer forging dies. It is widely used in mold manufacturing, die-casting industry, machinery and other fields, and can meet the requirements of working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, high stress and wear resistance. H11 mold steel has fine carbides and even distribution, and has many excellent properties. The following will discuss the properties of H11 mold steel, allowing it to play a greater role in various fields.

Excellent Hardenability

AISI H11 steel can achieve uniform martensitic transformation across the entire cross-section of the steel when quenched. After proper quenching, uniform hardened structure and hardness distribution can be obtained. The improvement of hardenability helps to enhance the mechanical properties and wear resistance of H11 mold steel, making it widely used in tool and mold manufacturing and other fields.

High Strength

H11 steel has high tensile strength and yield strength. Its tensile strength is ≥1000MPa and can reach 2750MPa, and its yield strength is ≥700MPa. It can withstand large loads and impact loads.

Good Resistance to Cold and Hot Fatigue

H11 mold steel can resist the formation of cracks caused by high and low temperature cyclic loading under alternating hot and cold cyclic loading. It can maintain good performance stability and fatigue resistance and is suitable for frequent alternating hot and cold processing occasions.

Good Corrosion Resistance

ASTM H11 steel has a very high chromium element. The chromium element forms an oxide film on the surface of the steel to prevent direct contact between the steel and oxidizing substances and reduce the possibility of corrosion. H11 mold steel can effectively resist the corrosion of molds by metal solutions and performs well in applications in contact with molten metal or other high-temperature corrosive materials.

Easy to Process

Steel H11 has good cutting performance and can be easily formed and surface processed through turning, milling, polishing and other methods to improve efficiency and can be used to manufacture various cutting tools.

Good Toughness and Wear Resistance

H11 material still has high toughness and wear resistance under high temperature and high stress. It can maintain stable performance under high load and impact load. It can also maintain a long working life and is suitable for applications that need to withstand high friction and wear working environment.

Good Welding and Cladding Performance

When H11 mold steel is used to manufacture large molds and other parts, welding and surfacing are commonly used processes. It is partially repaired and processed by welding and surfacing.

SAE H11 steel also has higher hardness, better thermal strength and oxidation resistance, excellent heat treatment properties, good coating adhesion, good high temperature corrosion resistance, etc. In general, H11 mold steel has excellent performance and wide application, which makes it have a large market demand and fierce competition. Our Songshun Steel continue to optimize and innovate, provide high-quality H11 steel and services, further leverage its advantages, and stand out in the fierce market competition.


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