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The Transformation Process of GB 42CrMo Steel from Raw Material to Excellent Finished Product.

42CrMo steel is an important industrial material with excellent strength and toughness. It is widely used in many manufacturing fields and is also a steel with large market demand. Therefore, in order to provide customers with GB 42CrMo steel with guaranteed performance and quality, Songshun Steel must strictly control quality and manage the manufacturing process from raw materials to final products. Therefore, the following will mainly discuss the key links in the manufacturing of GB 42CrMo alloy steel.

Screening And Preparation Of Raw Materials

First, we need to select high-quality raw materials for GB 42CrMo steel manufacturing. The quality and composition of raw materials have a crucial impact on the subsequent manufacturing of 42CrMo and are the basis for ensuring the quality of steel. Therefore, Songshun will strictly test and select raw materials with stable composition and high purity during the material selection stage to ensure that their quality meets production requirements.

Melting, Refining And Purification

After selecting suitable and high-quality raw materials, the raw materials are placed in an electric furnace or converter for high-temperature melting, multiple refining, deoxidation and alloying treatment to obtain pure and uniform molten steel, meeting the specific requirements of 42CrMo steel. It is important to control the furnace temperature, melting time, atmosphere and the amount of alloying elements added with high precision to ensure that the alloy components are evenly distributed and to avoid the generation of harmful impurities and gases.

Continuous Casting

After smelting and refining, the molten steel is put into the continuous casting machine for continuous casting and solidification to form preliminary billets or ingots. According to the customer’s demand for GB 42CrMo steel, select the appropriate mold shape and size, control the pouring temperature, crystallization process and cooling rate, ensure that the billet has fine grains and uniform internal structure, and avoid defects such as cracks and pores.

Forging Or Rolling

Forging: Before forging the 42CrMo steel billet, the billet needs to be heated to a suitable temperature to ensure that it has good plasticity and forgeability. Then the required shape and structure are formed through the forging process. This process not only improves the metal’s organizational structure, but also eliminates internal stress and improves the plasticity and toughness of the steel.

Rolling: Send GB 42CrMo steel ingots or billets to the rolling mill for rolling and forming to obtain bars, plates or pipes that meet the required specifications, shapes and performance. The rolling mill of the rolling equipment needs to be replaced regularly, and the rolling speed, temperature and strength must also be accurately controlled, which is crucial to the performance and surface quality of the steel.

Heat Treatment Process

After forging or rolling, 42CrMo alloy steel is initially formed. In order to further improve the performance of GB 42CrMo steel, strict heat treatment processes are required, usually using quenching and tempering processes. This process can not only eliminate the internal stress of the steel, optimize the microstructure, but also improve its hardness, wear resistance, strength, plasticity, toughness and other properties to meet different application needs. Learn more about Songshun’s optimized heat treatment process for aisi 4140 steel.

Processing And Surface Treatment

The heat-treated steel 42CrMo is finely formed through finishing and surface treatment to obtain more accurate and required dimensions, better surface quality, and improve its corrosion resistance, aesthetics, decoration and durability to meet customer needs.

Common processing techniques include turning, fire cutting, grinding, boring, milling, drilling, drilling, etc.

Common surface treatments include shot peening, polishing, phosphating, spraying, etc.

Processing And Surface Treatment

By monitoring and inspecting each link in the production process of GB 42CrMo steel, and the final strict inspection of appearance and internal quality, including comprehensive inspection of dimensional accuracy, composition, organization, hardness, etc., we can ensure that the products provided meet the relevant standards and requirements.

After passing the quality inspection, the 42CrMo steel will be packaged and shipped according to the customer’s needs to prevent the steel from being corroded and damaged during transportation and storage. And Songshun provides perfect after-sales service and technical support to ensure customer satisfaction and continuous cooperation with steel.

Songshun Steel has discussed GB 42CrMo steel in detail from raw materials to excellent finished products, which can make you believe in the quality of our steel. Choosing Songshun is the best supplier for you to purchase suitable and high-quality 42CrMo steel. We have rich experience, highly professional production and service teams, and are committed to providing high-quality steel that meets your design requirements and actual use needs.


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