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Exploring Outstanding 1.2738 Steel Properties

1.2738 steel plate

DIN 1.2738 steel is a high-quality mold steel, which is widely used in industrial fields because of its excellent properties. And with the continuous development of modern industry, the demand for materials with high strength, good toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is increasing in the market, and these demands are also the properties of 1.2738 steel. And when purchasing and selecting the appropriate material, in addition to product quality, it is also crucial to the performance of the product, so this article will explore the outstanding 1.2738 steel properties in detail.

1.2738 Steel Properties

High Hardness

AISI P20+Ni / DIN 1.2738 steel is based on P20 mold steel with nickel added, and can achieve high hardness through quenching, tempering and nitriding heat treatment, so that the material can withstand greater pressure and impact, and maintain the stability and durability of the mold.

Excellent Wear Resistance

High hardness is one of the properties of 1.2738 steel. Due to its high hardness and proper heat treatment, 1.2738 material can obtain excellent wear resistance, can resist friction, abrasion, impact and shearing, and can keep the surface smooth, not easy to wear and damage, which makes it an ideal steel for many working environments that require frequent contact with surface wear.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

DIN 1.2738 steel has a higher chromium and nickel content. The chromium content in the steel will form a dense chromium oxide protective film, which can effectively prevent the steel from contacting with oxygen, water and other corrosive media in the external environment; nickel is an excellent corrosion-resistant material. So 1.2738 has excellent corrosion resistance and can resist oxidation, sulfidation and corrosion. This gives it a long working life in harsh environments or corrosive media.

High Strength

1.2738 steel has good tensile strength and compressive strength, which makes it have high strength performance, can withstand high load and pressure, and it can maintain stable performance under impact load and pressure.

Excellent Toughness

Die steel P20+Ni / 1.2738 steel is added with nickel element, which can not only improve its hardness, but also improve its toughness. 1.2738 steel has high toughness properties that allow it to maintain integrity and stability when subjected to severe impact and shear. And this toughness enables the mold to maintain its shape and dimensional accuracy after multiple uses, while reducing cost and time wasted due to mold damage.

Excellent Machinability

1.2738 steel also has excellent machinability, easy machining and heat treatment, easy thermal processing and cold processing, can meet different process requirements, and conveniently perform various forming processes, such as milling, cutting, forging, etc. This 1.2738 steel performance can improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition, 1.2738 steel also has good magnetic permeability, cutting performance, and thermal conductivity and so on. Judging from the properties of 1.2738 steel, it is a versatile and high-quality tool steel. Because of its excellent properties, it provides a reliable material choice for the industrial field, making it an ideal choice in many applications. Explore the outstanding performance of 1.2738 steel, in future applications, the performance of 1.2738 steel can be more fully utilized and applied to provide a higher level of support for industrial production.

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