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Exploring 1.2738 Multi Faceted Applications

DIN 1.2738 steel is a high-quality mold steel with high performance and uniform hardness. 1.2738 has excellent plasticity, processability, polishability, wear resistance, toughness, etc. With these excellent properties, it is very popular in the market. In recent months, we at Songshun Steel have carried out promotional activities for 1.2738 steel. Many new and old customers have made large purchases and learned about the various applications of 1.2738, which is most commonly used in the manufacture of center molds. This article will take you through the wide range of application fields of 1.2738 steel in detail.

1. Mold Manufacturing Field

1.2738 is one of the preferred materials in the mold field, and it plays an important role in this field. 1.2738 steel can withstand high temperature and high pressure working environment and has stable performance, which can ensure that the mold maintains high precision and stability in long-term and high-frequency production operations, thereby producing high-quality mold products.

(1) Injection mold: Compared with 1.2311 and 1.2312, 1.2738 is often used to make injection molds with higher requirements and long life, while 1.2311 and 1.2312 steel are suitable for making some less demanding injection molds. 1.2738 steel is mainly used to manufacture large injection molds, hot runner molds, transparent injection molds, mold cores, mold cavities, etc.

(2) Die-casting molds: 1.2738 is also suitable for manufacturing various magnesium alloy die-casting molds, aluminum alloy die-casting molds, etc.

(3) Blow mold: It is used to manufacture blow molds to produce various plastic containers, toys, chairs, bottles, etc.

(4) Extrusion mold: 1.2738 is used to manufacture various plastic pipe extrusion molds, plate extrusion molds, special profile extrusion molds, etc.

(5) High-gloss mold: In this application, it can ensure the surface flatness and smoothness of the mold, and is used to manufacture various high-demand optical parts molds and precision plastic molds, etc.

(6) Injection molding: 1.2738 is often used to manufacture key components of molds, such as mold cores, mold cavities, mold sliders and chutes, etc.

(7) Stamping dies: It is used to manufacture various stamping dies, including bending dies, punch dies, concave dies, drawing dies, forming dies, guide parts, etc.

In addition to the above molds, 1.2738 can also be used to manufacture various large and complex molds such as plastic processing molds, hot molds, transparent injection molds, calendering molds, cold heading molds, etc.

2.Construction Machinery Field

In this field, 1.2738 steel is widely used due to its high strength, hardness and wear resistance, and its ability to withstand high-intensity, high-speed and high-wear working environments.

1.2738 is mainly used to manufacture various mechanical molds and parts, including concrete molds, asphalt molds, excavator parts, loader buckets, drill bits, reamers, impact hammers, mixing shafts, mining truck tires, and tunnel boring machines parts, forklift parts and more.

3.Automotive Field

The excellent quality and performance of DIN 1.2738 steel can improve the quality and stability of manufactured auto parts, and it plays an important role in the automotive field.

Mold steel 1.2738 is mainly suitable for manufacturing various automobile molds in this field, including body molds, parts molds, frame molds, etc. It is also used to manufacture automobile parts, including seat frames, chassis parts, wheels, transmission system parts, luggage racks, engine parts, etc.

4. Equipment Manufacturing Field

Made of 1.2738 material, it can ensure the stability and durability of the equipment, and can also meet the requirements of various harsh working environments such as high pressure, high temperature and corrosive media.

1.2738 is used to manufacture parts for various equipment, including manufacturing precision instrument parts, metal casings, household appliance molds, electronic equipment molds, petrochemical equipment, chemical storage tanks, pipelines, pump body parts, high-pressure vessels, etc.

5. Parts and Tool Manufacturing Field

1.2738 steel can withstand heavy pressure and friction in the working environment, so it is often used to manufacture various punches, scissors, flip plates, coolant circulation pumps, cutting tools, gears, worm gears, measuring tools, impact-resistant tools, etc.

In addition, 1.2738 is also used in aerospace, home appliances, ships, energy, chemicals, construction and other fields. Its application prospects are very broad and the market demand is huge. It is one of the materials of choice for more and more industries. Recently, our Songshun Steel Co., Ltd. has been providing the most favorable and best 1.2738 material in large quantities, the FOB price of large plates is only 1100 USD, welcome everyone to come and purchase.


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