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Exploring 1.2312 Wide Application Fields

1.2312 steel is a high-quality pre-hardened plastic mold steel with excellent hardness, strength, wear resistance, processability, etc. 1.2312 is widely used in various industries due to its excellent performance. And recently, the 1.2312 steel provided by Songshun Steel is undergoing discount activities. Customers from all over the world are purchasing in large quantities, and they have learned more about the applications of 1.2312. With the continuous development of modern technology, the application prospects of 1.2312 are becoming more and more broad. This article will take you to explore the wide range of application areas of 1.2312.

1. Mold Field

1.2312 is most commonly used in the field of mold manufacturing. It can meet the requirements for manufacturing molds of various types and specifications, and can ensure the stable operation of the mold for a long time, giving the mold a long service life, it is one of the preferred steel materials in the industry. The following are the main types of molds made of 1.2312 steel:

(1) Plastic mold manufacturing: 1.2312 is often used to manufacture injection molds, extrusion molds, hot runner molds, thermoplastic molds, etc.

(2) Injection molding: It is used to manufacture various key components such as mold cores, mold cavities, mold inserts, etc.

(3) Die-casting mold manufacturing: 1.2312 is usually suitable for manufacturing various aluminum alloy die-casting molds, zinc alloy die-casting molds and die-casting mold parts, etc.

(4) Rubber mold manufacturing: It is widely used in manufacturing rubber calendaring molds, rubber extrusion molds, rubber stamping molds, rubber injection molds and other rubber molds.

(5) Stamping dies: It can be used to manufacture various stamping dies, including shearing dies, bending dies, drawing dies, punching dies, special-shaped dies, etc.

In addition, 1.2312 is also used to manufacture various hot pressing molds, hot and cold molds, cold heading molds, extrusion molds, mold parts, etc.

2.Automotive Field

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the demand for 1.2312 steel is also increasing, and the performance requirements are getting higher and higher. In this field, 1.2312 can meet the material performance and quality requirements of automotive parts, making it an ideal material for manufacturing automotive molds.

1.2312 is mainly used to manufacture various automobile molds, engine parts, body parts, automobile chassis parts, etc., such as camshafts, doors, steering systems, engines, interiors, crankshafts, door panels, automobile bumpers and other key parts.

3. Machinery Manufacturing Field

In this field, 1.2312 is widely used due to its excellent toughness, strength and wear resistance. It can withstand high loads and mechanical parts in harsh working environments, and can effectively increase the service life of equipment and parts.

1.2312 steel is widely used in the manufacture of various equipment and mechanical parts, including the manufacture of precision instruments, bearings, loaders, optical equipment, factory equipment, machine tool parts, gears, pins, bulldozers and other equipment or parts.

4. Aerospace Field

This field has extremely high requirements on the quality and performance of materials. DIN 1.2312 steel has excellent comprehensive properties and can meet the conditions of working in extreme environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and high speed in this field.

It is mainly used in the aerospace field to manufacture engine parts, turbine blades, composite molds, fuselage components, connectors, bearings, missile molds, structural parts, parts molds, etc.

5.Household Electrical Field

In the field of home appliances, 1.2312 mainly uses manufactured injection molds to produce plastic shells for various home appliances. It is also used in manufacturing compressor parts, motor parts, refrigerator parts, etc.

6. Power Electronics Field

Purchasing 1.2312 steel to manufacture various electronic and electrical equipment can improve product reliability and stability. 1.2312 is commonly used in this industry to manufacture generator rotors, stators, blades, mobile phone casing molds, computer casing molds, connectors, etc.

In addition to the above, 1.2312 is also used in plastic processing, fixture manufacturing, military, energy and other fields. 1.2312 steel plays an important role in these fields. With the continuous improvement of technology in the future, the 1.2312 material provided by Songshun Steel will continue to meet the changing needs and provide you with 1.2312 steel of the best quality and performance. Now, our 1.2312 steel is on sale, the FOB price of large plate is only 830 USD, you are welcome to contact us at any time.


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