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Explore Multiple Fields of Application of 1.2311 Material

1.2311 steel is a cost-effective high carbon, high chromium cold work mold steel with excellent hardness, strength, wear resistance, toughness, and heat treatment performance. The excellent performance, diversity, and reliability of 1.2311 material provide strong support for production and manufacturing in various industries. Our Songshun Steel, have also launched a special offer for 1.2311 material to meet market demand and provide customers with the best support. We have gained a deep understanding of what customers use to purchase 1.2311 steel for. This article will take you to explore the broad application areas of 1.2311.

Mold Field

1.2311 material is a commonly used steel for mold manufacturing, which can meet the needs of most mold manufacturing. It has a large market share in this field and is one of the preferred materials for many small and medium-sized mold manufacturers. Using 1.2311 material to manufacture various molds not only has favorable prices and low costs, but also has good durability, giving the molds a long service life. The following are the main types of molds made of 1.2311 materials:

(1) Injection mold: 1.2311 material is often used in this field. It can withstand the plastic injection process under high pressure and maintain the shape and accuracy of the mold. It is commonly used to manufacture injection molding molds, injection molding molds, plastic injection molds, single-cavity injection molds, etc.

(2) Die-casting mold: 1.2311 steel can meet the needs of the high-pressure casting process, so it is suitable for manufacturing various die-casting molds. Including magnesium alloy die-casting molds, aluminum alloy die-casting molds, zinc alloy die-casting molds, etc.

(3) Stamping mold: It can withstand high-intensity stamping and friction. It is often used to manufacture various stamping molds and components, including shearing dies, punches, die bases, etc., and can also be used for some low-strength workpieces. Stamping, such as the stamping processing of some metal sheets.

(4) Blow mold: Usually 1.2311 material is used to make blow molds for various bottles, containers, tubes, barrels and other plastic products.

(5) Extrusion mold: 1.2311 is often used to obtain the required shape through extrusion process of plastic, rubber and other materials, such as aluminum extrusion mold, rubber extrusion mold, plastic extrusion mold, etc.

(6) Rubber mold: 1.2311 material can be used to manufacture various rubber molds, including rubber calendering molds, rubber injection molds, rubber seal molds, rubber pipe molds, rubber product forming molds, etc.

In addition, 1.2311 material is also used in injection molding, plastic processing molds, precision molds, mold parts and other mold fields.

Medical Device Manufacturing

DIN 1.2311 steel is required in this field to ensure compliance with strict quality standards. Its material quality and processing precision ensure the safety and reliability of medical devices.

Usually, 1.2311 materials are used to manufacture syringe molds, infusion set molds, surgical instruments, medical equipment parts, instrument cleaning molds, surgical instrument shells, artificial joints, structural parts of medical equipment, etc. It can also be used in the assembly process of medical devices, such as welding, threaded connections, etc. This ensures the stability and safety of medical devices during use.

Construction Machinery

In this field, 1.2311 can ensure that mechanical equipment or parts can be used frequently in harsh working environments and maintain stable performance and reliability. It is one of the ideal materials for manufacturing high-quality engineering machinery and its parts.

1.2311 material is mainly used to manufacture molds, parts and structural components of various mechanical equipment, such as parts of excavators, loaders, cranes, mechanical transmission parts, shell molds of mechanical equipment, etc.


In the petrochemical industry, 1.2311 material is rarely used and are mainly used to manufacture some specific tools, accessories or equipment, such as oil drilling tools, oil pipeline accessories, chemical equipment parts, oil storage tanks, etc. Specifically manufacturing various drill bits, drill pipes, flanges, elbows, reactors, heat exchangers, etc.

Electronic Field

Some shell molds, parts and connectors of electronic products made of DIN 1.2311 material can ensure the wear resistance, stability, reliability, precision and quality of electronic products.

1.2311 material is mainly used to manufacture various mobile phone cases, tablet cases, computer cases, plugs, sockets, switches, buttons, electronic molds, etc.

Car Manufacturer

Like 1.2312 and 1.2738 steel, 1.2311 material is also widely used in manufacturing fields. Its excellent performance can help improve vehicle safety, lightweight, reliability, fuel efficiency, etc.

In the automotive field, 1.2311 is widely used in manufacturing various automotive molds. These molds are mainly used to produce shells, interiors, seats, etc. of automotive parts. It is also used to make a variety of engine parts, including crankshafts, camshafts, valves, cylinder heads, connecting rods, and more. It can also be used to manufacture various automotive chassis components, automotive safety system components, body structure components, automotive transmission system components, etc.

In addition to the above fields, 1.2311 material is also used in packaging, home furnishing, food processing, metal and other industries. In short, 1.2311 material steel has broad application prospects, especially in the field of mold manufacturing. The price of 1.2311 steel provided by Songshun Steel is relatively low compared to other mold steels. The FOB price of large plates is only 800 USD. It is in stock. You are welcome to purchase at any time.


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