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AISI P20+S steel is a high-quality tool steel with high performance, equivalent to DIN 1.2311 steel. With its unique performance and characteristics, it is widely used in the fields of molds, tool manufacturing, automobiles and machinery, etc., and P20+S steel has become one of the preferred materials for many industrial manufacturing industries. This article will explore the application and potential of P20+S steel in different industries.

P20+S Steel Mold Manufacturing Industry

Due to its excellent performance, P20+S steel can meet the strict requirements of mold manufacturing, and can manufacture molds with sufficient hardness and strength to withstand high pressure and heavy load. Excellent performance in manufacturing various molds such as injection molds, extrusion molds, stamping molds and die-casting molds. For example, in the manufacture of die-casting molds, P20+S steel can meet the casting requirements under high temperature and high pressure, and is widely used in aluminum alloy die-casting molds , zinc alloy die-casting molds and other fields; in injection mold making, its versatility and its high tensile properties make it useful for various other applications such as shafts and wear strips. At the same time, the use of AISI P20+S steel can maintain a long service life of the mold and improve production efficiency.

P20+S Steel Application in Plastic Injection Molding Industry

In the plastic injection molding industry, P20+S steel can meet high-precision and high-speed injection molding requirements, and is usually used to produce various plastic products, such as toys, home appliance casings, and plastic containers. DIN 1.2312 / AISI P20+S steel has excellent processability and thermal conductivity, which makes it easier for plastic materials to flow and cool during the injection molding process, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency.

P20+S Steel Application in Automobile Field

In the automotive field, P20+S steel is an ideal material for manufacturing auto parts, which can meet the needs of high hardness, high stability and high corrosion resistance in automobile manufacturing. P20S steel is usually used to manufacture various parts of automobiles, such as bumpers, body, lights, doors, chassis and interior parts, etc. It can provide good strength and safety for automobiles, and can ensure that parts are in the vehicle It has sufficient strength and durability during use.

P20+S Steel in Tool and Machine Manufacturing Field

In both fields, P20+S tool steel is used in the manufacture of various mechanical parts and tools such as milling machines, gears, lathes, knives, coolers, drilling machines and blades, etc. The high strength, high wear resistance and easy cutting of P20+S steel can ensure the reliability, precision and life of these parts and tools under high load and high speed operation conditions.

In addition to the above points, P20+S steel is also used in the manufacture of medical equipment, aircraft parts and electronic equipment casings, etc. Moreover, P20+S steel has great potential in various fields and has brought many benefits to various industries. It can not only improve product quality, precision and life, but also improve production efficiency and reduce costs, providing reliable molds, tools, and component products for various industries.

In the future, with the continuous development of technology and industrial technology, the application fields of  AISI P20+S steel will become more and more extensive, and it will play an important role in various fields to meet the needs of different industries.


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