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DIN 1.2738 Steel Process Technology and Specification

AISI P20+Ni Steel

In plastic mold steel, DIN 1.2738 is an alloy tool steel with excellent toughness, corrosion resistance and high hardness, also known as P20+Ni steel. Its various excellent properties are mainly obtained through various process technologies. This article will learn more about some technological processes and specifications of 1.2738 steel in our Songshun Steel Plant under normal circumstances.

Preheating Process

Preheating DIN 1.2738 can relieve internal stress, uniform temperature distribution and improve the machinability of the material. First put the material into the preheating furnace, usually the standard preheating temperature is 500°C – 600°C, and then hold it for a period of time, the holding time is 30 minutes/inch, the specific specification is determined according to the thickness and specification of the material.

Forging Process

The supply state of die steel DIN 1.2738 is generally hot rolled or forged. After the 1.2738 die steel is preheated, it is forged to improve the structure and performance of the steel. Usually the forging temperature ranges from 950°C to 1050°C. The temperature needs to be strictly controlled during the forging process to ensure good plasticity and deformation properties of the material.

(1)Thermal processing specifications: start temperature 1050°C, end temperature 850°C, furnace cooling.

(2) Quenching specifications: Usually the preheating temperature is 500~600°C, keep it warm for 2-4h, then raise it to 850~880°C, keep it warm for ≥2h, cool it to 50~100°C with oil, then air cool it, the hardness is 50~ 53HRC, in order to prevent quenching cracking should be tempered immediately. Quenching increases the hardness and wear resistance of DIN 1.2738.

(3) Annealing specifications

  • Normalized Annealing: For some applications requiring higher hardness, normalized annealing can be performed. Heat 1.2738 steel to 870°C-900°C, keep it for a period of time, then take it out of the furnace and cool it to room temperature quickly.
  • The softening annealing temperature is 710-740°C.
  • Air cooling annealing temperature is 780°C-820°C.

(4) Hardening and tempering: DIN 1.2738 steel can be hardened and tempered, which can reduce its brittleness and increase toughness, hardness and wear resistance. After quenching, the 1.2738 steel is cooled to room temperature and tempered. The steel is heated at 150°C-250°C, kept for a period of time (usually 2-4 hours), and then naturally cooled.

Surface Treatment Process

After heat treatment to DIN 1.2738, surface treatment is carried out according to customer requirements. AISI P20+Ni / DIN 1.2738 steel can be polished, polished, etc. to improve its surface finish and quality; through electroplating, spraying, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance and aesthetics of the workpiece; through sandblasting, electric sparks, etc., to improve Its surface is rust-resistant.

Processing Technology

To meet the requirements of the final product of 1.2738 steel, rough machining and fine machining can be carried out to achieve higher precision and surface quality. Including trimming, milling, boring, turning, stretching and other processing methods.

The process of producing DIN 1.2738 steel requires the use of various techniques, which is a delicate and complex process. In Songshun, through continuous improvement of production technology and standardization of each process flow, production efficiency and quality are improved, and customers are provided with the highest quality 1.2378 steel.

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