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Detailed Explanation of M2 HSS Heat Treatment Process

M2 steel is a high-quality tungsten-molybdenum series general-purpose Lebbur body high-speed steel. It has excellent toughness, thermal stability, hardness and small carbide unevenness, and is widely used in the fields of mold and tool manufacturing. However, m2 hss has stricter heat treatment protection requirements and is also one of the most difficult steel types in the continuous casting and rolling process. However, to achieve the best performance of aisi m2 steel, the correct heat treatment process is crucial. Therefore, this article will provide detailed theoretical and parameter basis for the heat treatment process in our practice of producing m2 hss.

Preheating Treatment

Heat the m2 hss to the appropriate preheating temperature, usually between 590℃-1000℃. Preheating minimizes distortion and stress on large or complex tools, ensuring even heating throughout the part and avoiding material cracking. It is recommended to use double preheating, first heating to the 590-700°C range at a speed of no more than 400°F per hour (222°C per hour) to maintain temperature balance, and then heating to the 780-850°C range for further insulation to ensure the internal temperature of the material evenly.

Austenitizing Treatment

This step is to rapidly heat from the preheating stage to the austenitizing temperature, usually 1150-1250°C. It can be carried out using a furnace temperature or a salt bath furnace. The specific temperature is based on the customer’s requirements. For m2 steel used to make cutting tools, the furnace temperature can be maintained at 1204-1232°C, and the salt furnace can be maintained at 1191-1218°C; for punches, molds and tools that require maximum toughness without hot hardness, the furnace temperature The temperature can be maintained at 1175-1191°C, and the salt furnace can be maintained at 1121-1177°C. This process requires heat preservation for a certain period of time after heating, so that carbon and other alloying elements can be fully dissolved in the austenite to prepare for subsequent quenching.


The quenching temperature of m2 hss should be selected according to the required hardness level. Generally, the quenching temperature is controlled at 1220-1240℃ and maintained for a certain period of time to transform the austenite structure of the steel into martensite and then cool rapidly, thereby improving the The hardness, strength and wear resistance of steel. The cooling medium can be air, oil cooling or salt bath cooling, the specific choice depends on the shape and size of the workpiece. It should be noted that during the quenching process, the cooling rate and holding time must be strictly controlled to prevent excessive quenching from increasing the brittleness of the material to ensure that the ideal hardness is obtained.


SAE M2 material is too brittle and hard after quenching and needs to be tempered to reduce its brittleness, eliminate quenching stress and improve toughness. Moreover, m2 hss must be tempered twice. For blanks with large cross-sectional areas, it is recommended to temper three times. The tempering temperature is usually lower than 800℃, typically controlled at 500-600℃, kept warm for at least two hours, and finally air-cooled to ambient temperature. Proper cooling process can ensure the stable structure and performance of the material and avoid cracks and deformation.


ASTM m2 high-speed steel must be annealed after hot working and before re-hardening. The temperature is controlled at 770-900°C, kept at this temperature for at least two hours, and slowly cooled in the furnace. Hardness after annealing to a maximum of 280 Brinell.

The above is the main heat treatment process for manufacturing m2 hss. Every step is crucial. A little carelessness may affect the performance of the final product. Therefore, after many years of experience, we at Songshun Steel have mastered the correct heat treatment methods, strictly control every step, and supply high-quality and high-performance M2 high speed steel to meet the needs of different customers.


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