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Cold Work Die Steel Supply

What is cold work die steel? It is a type of mold steel with higher hardness, wear resistance and toughness. It is also a special steel used to deform or form metal in a cold state. Compared with hot work die steel, cold work die steel needs to have higher performance to ensure that the mold produced can maintain accuracy, stability and durability during long-term use. Cold work die steel usually adopts a heat treatment process of spheroidizing annealing, quenching + low temperature tempering, it has good hardenability and is not prone to quenching cracks.

This article will introduce in detail the characteristics, grades, chemical composition, properties, applications, material specifications and other information of cold work die steel.

Cold Work Die Steel Characteristics

  • High hardness and wear resistance
  • Good cutting performance and corrosion resistance
  • Good toughness and deformation resistance
  • Good thermal stability
  • High fatigue resistance and bite resistance

Cold Work Die Steel Grades

No.Equivalent Grade

6 9Mn2VO21.2842--

Chemical Composition Of Cold Work Die Steel

GradeChemical Composition(%)
Cr120.20-2.30≤0.40≤0.40≤0.025≤0.00311.50-13.00--- - Co ≤1.00
Cr12MoV1.45-1.70≤0.40≤0.40≤0.025≤0.00311.00-12.50-0.40-0.60-0.15-0.30Co ≤1.00
Cr12Mo1V11.40-1.60≤0.60≤0.60≤0.025≤0.00311.00-13.00-0.70-1.20-0.50-1.10Co ≤1.00
9CrWMn0.80-0.95≤0.400.90-1.20≤0.025≤0.0030.50-0.80--0.50-0.80-Nb 0.20-0.35
9Mn2V0.85-0.95≤0.401.70-2.00≤0.025≤0.003----0.10-0.25Co ≤1.00
CrWMn0.90-1.05≤0.400.80-1.10≤0.025≤0.0030.90-1.20--1.20-1.60-Nb 0.20-0.35
Cr5Mo1V0.95-1.05≤0.50≤1.00≤0.025≤0.0034.75-5.50-0.90-1.40-0.15-0.50Co ≤1.00

Cold Work Die Steel Properties And Applications

AISI O1 Cold Work Die Steel
AISI O1 steel is a type of mold steel with high hardness, good toughness, furnace temperature stability, and good deformation resistance. It can reach 60-62 HRC after quenching and is widely used in manufacturing various raw knives, industrial cutting tools, measuring tools, stamping dies, cold shearing dies, cold heading dies, cold extrusion dies, etc.

AISI D2 Cold Work Die Steel
D2 steel is equivalent to DIN 1.2379 steel, which is a high-carbon, high-chromium, and high-molybdenum cold work die steel. The heat treatment hardness of AISI D2 steel can reach above 60HRC. It has excellent wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. It can resist various chemical media, friction and wear, and extend the service life of the mold. It is commonly used to manufacture high-speed stamping dies, deep drawing dies, cutting tools, shearing dies, cold punching dies, etc.

AISI D3 Cold Work Die Steel
It is a super wear-resistant high carbon, high chromium cold work die steel with high hardenability, hardenability, toughness, thermal stability, compressive strength, micro deformation and excellent overall performance. It also has relatively Good cutting performance, machining and thermal oxidation resistance, etc. D3 steel is often used to manufacture various scissors, silicon steel sheet punching dies, bending dies and drawing dies, punching dies, woodworking blades, drill sleeves, gauges thermosetting plastic forming dies, etc.

Cold Work Die Steel Supply

Spot inventory grades: D3, D2, 1.2080, D6, 1.2379, O1, O2, A2, 1.2363, SKD10, 1.2510, SKD1, etc.;

Shape types: steel round bars, plates, steel coils, flat steel, steel pipes, etc.;

Different types of cold work die steel will have different specifications. We support customization of various specifications;

Surface treatment: black, rough machined, peeled and turned or as per given requirement.

Cold Work Die Steel Materials On Sale

Cold work mold steel is widely used in many fields, especially in the field of manufacturing molds. And with the advancement of industrialization and continuous technological innovation, the market demand for cold work die steel is also increasing. Cold work die steel has also continued to improve its quality and technology as the market changes, and will be applied in more and more fields in the future.

As a high-quality and reliable mold steel supplier, Songshun Steel provides high-quality and high-performance cold work die steel, which can ensure the best die steel for your project or customers and establish a long-term cooperative and win-win relationship with you.


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