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Choose a reliable p20 steel supplier

Mold steel is widely used in modern industry. P20 steel is one of the pre-hardened medium carbon alloy plastic die steels, and it is also a tool steel with excellent comprehensive properties. In order to ensure your project quality and production efficiency, it is very important to choose a reliable p20 steel supplier.

Usually, when choosing p20 steel suppliers, most people will give priority to suppliers with low prices, but ignore whether these suppliers are reliable. Therefore, in addition to price, product quality, delivery time, supply capacity, after-sales service, team professionalism and other aspects should be considered.

Last month, a new customer of our Songshun Steel in Australia placed an order for 600X525X180mm p20 steel plate and 7.125” TK x 23.500” WD x 30.250” LG (Cut to finish) p20 steel forging block. When we quoted the price to this customer, the customer felt that the price was very suitable, but he did not place an order for a long time. Based on our experience, we know that the customer is worried about product quality and trust when placing an order for the first time. Through our method, we let the customer After learning about our Songshun Steel in detail, he finally chose us.

Songshun Steel is committed to becoming a long-term supplier of p20 steel for customers from all over the world. Why choose us as your reliable p20 steel supplier?

1. High-quality steel and price advantage

In order to ensure the quality of products, Songshun Steel has a complete quality management system to ensure that the supplied P20 steel meets relevant national standards and customer requirements. On the premise of ensuring quality, we have the most cost-effective price advantage, welcome to inquire at any time.

2. Stable production capacity, large inventory and fast delivery

We have advanced steel production equipment and technology, and constantly improve production technology, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing production costs, which can effectively ensure product quality stability, sufficient inventory and delivery schedule.

3. Professional team and technical support

Whether it is a sales team or an engineer, Songshun Steel will provide targeted training and have rich experience in steel processing. Our team has a deep understanding of p20 steel and can provide professional technical support and advice.

4. Pre-sales and after-sales service

Understanding the supplier’s service before placing an order and after receiving the product is one of the keys to judging the credibility and reputation of a p20 steel supplier. As a reliable supplier of high-quality p20 steel, Songshun Steel can help customers solve possible problems in time and ensure customer satisfaction. Whether there is a problem in product, production, testing, packaging or transportation, we will be responsible for solving the problem. It is precisely because we have a good reputation and performance in the market that we have won long-term cooperative relationships with many companies for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Songshun Steel - P20 Steel Supplier Conventional Size and Inventory

Round steel: diameter Ø20mm-800mm;
Steel plate: Thickness: 20-600mm; Width: 200-2200mm
Length: 200-9000mm.

Regular sizes can be customized according to different production needs.

Songshun Steel has a large stock of p20 steel in stock, and sells aisi p20 steel with a minimum order quantity of 2 tons. If the order exceeds 20 tons, there will be the most favorable discount price.

To sum up, whether you evaluate from the aspects of price, product quality, production capacity, service and support, or reputation, Songshun Steel will be your best partner and a reliable p20 steel supplier to provide you with Best price, professional service and best AISI P20 / DIN 1.2311 / GB 3Cr2Mo steel.


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