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China Steel Development Process

China has been the largest producer of steel for many years, it has abundant steel resources and large-scale production capacity, which promotes China’s global leading position in steel. In the past, China’s steel industry faced great difficulties now, China steel has become the world’s number one; in the future, China steel will continue to develop in the direction of high quality and high added value.

Looking back on the past, China steel industry developed very slowly before the reform and opening up. At that time, China steel output was relatively disparate with other countries. After the reform and opening up, we have achieved tremendous development, steel production has begun to grow rapidly, and a large number of steel production bases and steel companies have been established. From the 1980s to the 2000s, China’s steel production almost doubled, and China became increasingly famous for its steel products, becoming the world’s largest steel producer.

Today, Chinese steel can not only meet domestic demand, but also meet foreign demand. Our steel quality is guaranteed and our price advantage is strong, making us a major exporter of steel in the world. And in 2020, China’s crude steel production exceeded the 1 billion tons mark for the first time, and China steel production still leads the world. China’s steel industry is in a stage of transformation and upgrading. Technology, output and quality are constantly improving. China’s steel products are getting better and better and more high-end, providing strong support for domestic and foreign infrastructure, construction, automobile and other industries. At present, more and more steel manufacturers and suppliers in China are exporting steel to foreign countries. Among them, Songshun Steel is one of China’s high-quality steel suppliers, exporting the best China steel to countries around the world. Moreover, China’s green steel production has now become a focus in China, which has adopted a series of measures to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution and focus on sustainable development.

Looking to the future, China steel products will move towards high-quality, high value-added, intelligent, green and sustainable development. Continuously improve technology and production capacity, upgrade various production facilities and equipment, become more intelligent, and pursue higher-quality steel materials. We will also actively participate in cooperation and competition in the global steel industry, vigorously expand export markets, strengthen environmental supervision and governance, and promote resources saving and recycling, reducing environmental pollution and achieving green development.

To sum up, China steel industry continues to advance and develop. China steel production has grown from slow to rapid growth and then ranked first. In the future, China steel company will continue to maintain stable growth and leading position and continue to strengthen technology. Innovation, environmental protection and market competitiveness to ensure that the steel industry maintains its leading position in the global market and contributes to China’s economic development.


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