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ASTM P20+Ni Steel: High Quality Mold Steel

1. What is ASTM P20+Ni Steel

P20+Ni steel is a nickel-containing mold steel with broad application prospects and is often used in molds, automobiles, machinery and other fields. It can be directly processed by milling or drilling, and can form a dense microstructure after heat treatment. It can be durable under high pressure, high temperature, and high impact load. It is an ideal material for fields with high requirements on mold precision and life.

2. P20+Ni Steel Chemical Composition Analysis

ASTM A681 P20+Ni Steel Chemical Composition (%)

ASTM P20+Ni steel is different from P20 and P20+S steel in that it contains Ni element. The addition of nickel element makes it have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance. At the same time, the hardness, toughness and strength of this steel type have also been improved to a certain extent. This enables P20+Ni material to meet the requirements of many large and complex mold manufacturing.

3. ASTM P20+Ni Steel Characteristics

Mechanical properties of mold steel P20+Ni:

  • Tensile strength: 850MPa-1100MPa
  • Yield strength: 770MPa-980 MPa
  • Elongation: 13%-16%
  • Impact toughness: 20 J/cm2-42 J/cm2
  • Elastic modulus: 205×10³N/mm2
  • Area shrinkage: 49%-52%

The main properties of ASTM P20+Ni steel:

  • Excellent hardenability and toughness
  • High strength and high wear resistance
  • Good processing performance and welding performance
  • Good elasticity, the material will produce relatively small deformation when stressed
  • Strong thermal conductivity
  • Good thermal stability and hardness
  • Easy to process and remarkable polishability
  • Higher impact absorption capacity
  • High purity and good tissue uniformity

For applications that require higher strength, hardness and other properties, we can optimize performance through tempering. The performance data of P20+Ni materials will vary depending on the parameters used in the heat treatment process. Therefore, when selecting materials and applications, reference should be made to the specific manufacturer’s material data sheet for accurate performance parameters. You tell us your special technical requirements and our engineers will evaluate them and send you a professional quotation.

4. P20+Ni Mold Steel Application

P20+Ni material is mainly used in mold manufacturing, automobile, mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, petrochemical industry and other fields. It is often used to manufacture various plastic molds, die-casting molds, stamping molds, mechanical parts, automotive structural parts, blow molds, pressure brake molds, forming tools, shafts, etc.

5. AISI P20+Ni Steel Manufacturing Specifications

(1) Forging
The initial forging temperature of ASTM P20+Ni steel is generally controlled between 1050°C and 1100°C, and the final forging temperature is controlled between 850°C and 900°C.

(2) Hardening
It is hardened at temperatures of 840-870°C and then quenched with polymer or oil.

(3) Tempering
After quenching, ASTM P20+Ni steel is slowly heated to the tempering temperature, with a minimum time in the furnace of 1 hour per 20 mm of thickness, and two tempers are recommended.

(4) Annealing
The softening annealing of P20+Ni steel is usually controlled at 710℃-740℃, and the spheroidizing annealing is controlled at 840℃-850℃.

6.SAE P20+Ni Steel Supply

Shape type: Songshun provides ASTM P20+Ni steel round bars, plates, steel pipes, flat bars, rods, forgings, thick plates, thin plates, forged pipes, forged plates, etc.

Specifications: Sufficient inventory, multiple specifications, can be cut to any size you need.

Price: The active price of P20+Ni steel plate is FOB Shenzhen 900-1130 US dollars/ton.

Delivery status: usually supplied in pre-hardened, annealed, quenched and tempered status.

By understanding the chemical composition, characteristics, manufacturing specifications, applications and delivery status of ASTM P20+Ni steel, etc., you will have a clearer idea of whether it is suitable for use in your project and can better utilize this material. Songshun Steel provides high-quality and competitively priced P20+Ni steel, many of our buyers agree that this steel is an ideal material for manufacturing large molds. You are welcome to contact us at any time for inquiries.


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