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Application of 1.2311 Steel in Mold Manufacturing

P20 1.2311 Steel

DIN 1.2311 steel is a high-quality plastic mold steel with excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and heat treatment properties. It is often widely used in the field of molds. Molds are tools used to make shaped objects in many fields such as manufacturing, industry, and metallurgy. They are commonly used in environments such as high temperature, high pressure and corrosion. Therefore, the raw material 1.2311 used to manufacture the moulds needs to be able to withstand these conditions and to be stable and high-performance.

Why choose 1.2311 to make molds?

1.2311 is a German standard die steel, also equivalent to GB 3Cr2Mo / AISI P20 / JIS SCM4. Due to its excellent performance, it can meet the needs of most plastic mold manufacturers and is widely used in the manufacture of various molds, such as:

  • High hardness: After heat treatment, the hardness of 1.2311 can reach HRC 28-32, and it can withstand large pressure and extrusion force during the production process, and it is not easy to deform or break.
  • High strength: The yield strength of 1.2311 steel is generally around 950 MPa, and the tensile strength is about 1080 MPa. This strength allows 1.2311 steel to withstand high forces and pressures in mold making and some heavy-duty components.
  • Excellent cutting performance: 1.2311 steel has certain hardness and ductility, and can resist cutting force and thermal shock to a certain extent.
  • Good wear resistance: 1.2311 has high hardness and good toughness, so that it can resist friction and deformation during use, improve the stability and service life of the mold, and reduce the frequency of mold replacement.
  • Corrosion resistance: Heat treatment and surface treatment can improve the corrosion resistance of 2311 steel. This makes it resistant to rust and oxidation caused by exposure to or contact with various media, chemicals and gases.
  • High temperature and high pressure resistance: After high temperature heating and heat treatment, DIN 1.2311 has strong heat resistance, good thermal stability, high strength and hardness, and can withstand high working temperature and high pressure.
  • Easy heat treatment and surface treatment: Its hardness and toughness can be improved by quenching and tempering to meet the requirements of different molds. At the same time, it can also be surface treated, such as chrome plating, nitriding, etc., to improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the mold.

What molds are 1.2311 steel used to make?

AISI P20 / DIN 1.2311 steel has excellent performance, can withstand various harsh environment conditions, can maintain the precision, stability and life of the mold, etc., and has been widely used in mold manufacturing.

(1) Plastic injection mold
In the manufacture of plastic injection molds, 1.2311 steel is suitable for the manufacture of various small and medium-sized molds. It is usually used to manufacture cores and cavities of molds, and is also used to manufacture mobile phone casings, home appliance casings, toys, household items, etc. Its hardness and rigidity also make it suitable for making large and complex injection molds, such as: large plastic mold bases, pipes and containers, etc.

(2) Die-casting mold
1.2311 can be used to make die-casting molds for the production of various metal castings. Die casting molds need to have high hardness and wear resistance to withstand high temperature and high pressure working environment. The excellent properties of 1.2311 steel make it an ideal choice for the manufacture of die casting molds.

(3) Stamping die
2311 is also usually used to manufacture stamping dies, which can meet the high strength and wear resistance requirements in the stamping process and ensure the quality and precision of stamped products. Stamping dies are often used in automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, aerospace and other industries. It is also the most common type of mold used in automobiles to produce automotive parts such as bodywork, lights, door handles, dashboards, hoods, etc.

In the field of mold manufacturing, 1.2311 is not only used for manufacturing molds above, but also commonly used for manufacturing various molds that require high hardness and wear resistance, such as blow molding molds, cold stamping molds, cold heading molds, extrusion molds, mold seats, etc. It is precisely because of the excellent mechanical and processing properties of 1.2311 steel that it becomes the ideal choice for manufacturing these molds. At Songshun Steel, we have over 20 years of experience in mold steel. Whether in terms of production technology, product quality, price advantages, or reputation, we are leading in providing you with the best mold steel to meet customers’ needs for different mold manufacturing raw materials.

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