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Application and Importance of P20 Mold Steel in Various Fields

In modern industry, p20 mold steel is the key material in the field of molds, an ideal choice for many engineering applications, and a powerful assistant for tool manufacturing and precision machining. Its structure and alloying elements are evenly distributed, and it has excellent cutting performance, wear resistance and machinability, etc., so it is a high-quality steel widely used in many fields.

Mold Field

In this field, p20 mold steel has important applications, including being used in plastic molds, die-casting molds, stamping molds and rubber molds, etc.

(1) In the field of plastic molds, p20 steel is often used to produce various plastic products, small and medium-sized injection molds, etc. Its typical applications include manufacturing mold bases, daily necessities, backing plates, back plates, and zinc die-casting molds. P20 mold steel is the material for manufacturing parts or products, and is an essential part of the injection molding process. Its heat resistance and corrosion resistance make plastic molds have a longer service life, thereby reducing production costs.

(2) In the field of die-casting molds, p20 mold steel is often used to produce various metal products, die-casting parts and metal molds, such as aluminum alloy parts, copper alloy parts, zinc alloy die-casting molds, etc. Die casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal is injected into a mold and solidified into the desired shape by cooling under high pressure. And aisi p20 steel has excellent thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, which can quickly dissipate heat, avoid the problems of mold deformation and thermal cracks, and ensure the precision and quality of castings.

In the field of molds, the excellent wear resistance of p20 mold steel can resist the impact of high pressure and high temperature in mold manufacturing, and improve the service life of molds. At the same time, it can meet the needs of the mold for hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and ensure the precision and durability of the mold. Therefore, p20 steel has become an important material for making molds.

Engineering Field

In the field of engineering, die steel p20 is often used to manufacture various large and medium-sized parts. Including in automotive engineering, p20 mold steel is used to manufacture key components such as engine parts, frame, brake system components, body structure, suspension system; in mechanical engineering, it is used to manufacture agricultural machinery, mechanical parts, Key components of machine tools, construction machinery, petrochemical equipment and aircraft heavy machinery, etc.

In the engineering field, DIN 1.2311 / AISI P20 steel has high strength, high durability and fatigue resistance, etc., which ensures the precise processing and assembly, quality and stability of parts. Its excellent mechanical properties and machinability make p20 mold steel one of the ideal materials to meet the high standards and strict requirements in the engineering field, and it is an ideal choice for many engineering applications.

Tool Manufacturing Field

In the field of tool manufacturing, p20 mold steel is a tool steel that is very suitable for precision machining. Because of its excellent machinability, it is often used as a raw material for manufacturing tools and cutting tools. It can be used to make punches, milling cutters, grinder tables, turning tools, drills, and more.

In the tool manufacturing process, the high hardness of the p20 material enables it to maintain good tool life and processing quality during high-speed cutting and machining. It also contains some other alloying elements, such as chromium, molybdenum and vanadium, which can enhance the strength and corrosion resistance of knives. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, it is one of the indispensable high-quality materials for making tools.

In addition to the above industries, p20 mold steel is widely used in many fields, and it plays an important role in the applied fields. 1.2311/P20 steel has brought about the improvement of production efficiency and the guarantee of product quality, and will bring more possibilities for the development of its application fields.

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