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Analyze the Difference Between P20+Ni and P20+S Steel

Both AISI P20+Ni and AISI P20+S steels are commonly used tool and die steels. It is also obvious from the grades that these two are added Ni or S elements on the basis of P20. They are equivalent to German standards DIN 1.2738 and DIN 1.2312 steel. P20+Ni and P20+S have similarities, but there are also certain differences. This article will analyze the differences from the chemical composition, performance and application.

P20+Ni and P20+S Steel Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of the two steels is basically similar in the content of carbon, silicon, phosphorus and other elements. The difference is that P20+Ni has added Ni element to the chemical composition, while P20+S steel has no nickel element. The presence. Moreover, the S content of P20+S steel is relatively high, and some trace elements are also different between the two.

P20+Ni and P20+S Steel Properties

AISI P20+Ni and P20+S steels have a certain impact on the properties of the steel due to differences in chemical composition and process, so their properties will also differ. The main performance differences are as follows:

1.P20+Ni adds Ni element on top of P20+S steel. The addition of nickel can improve some properties of steel, so compared to AISI P20+S steel, P20+Ni has better toughness, plasticity, strength, tempering stability, and toughening effect. It is more resistant to cracking and fracture during use, improving the stability and service life of manufacturing molds.

2. The S content of AISI P20S steel is relatively high, sulfur can increase the hardness of steel, and due to the low melting point of sulfur, P20+S steel has good strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures, so in comparison, P20S steel is easier to cut and process, but P20+Ni steel is slightly better than P20+S steel in terms of hardness and strength.

3. In terms of physical properties, the thermal expansion coefficient of P20+Ni is usually low, which means that its size changes less when the temperature changes. In contrast, P20+S steel has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion.

AISI P20+Ni and P20+S Steel Applications

Both steels are widely used in the field of making molds and tools, including plastic molds, extrusion molds and die-casting molds, etc.

DIN 1.2738 / AISI P20+Ni steel is suitable for the manufacture of large, heavy-duty molds, which are used to withstand high impact loads and require better toughness; It is an ideal choice for molds with high requirements for precision and surface quality.

Overall, both P20+Ni and P20+S steels have various unique performance advantages and application ranges. There are similarities between the two, but there are also differences. Therefore, when purchasing P20+Ni steel or P20+S tool steel, it is important to understand their various information and differences in order to apply them to more suitable steels in projects.

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