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Alloy Tool Steel Grade Equivalent Table


Alloy Tool Steel is one of the type of alloy steel. Which is the type of steel that at the base of carbon tool steel to add the alloy element to improve the toughness, wear resistance and hardenability. It is great material to manufacture the measure tools, cutting tools, cold and hot work molds and etc. And I will show you all the information of Alloy Tool Steel grade equivalents table for American ASTM, UNS, to GB, ISO, Europe, Germany, France, and Japan. And as a leader steel supplier in China, if you need the material as below, please kindly contact us.

9SiCr -- -- -- -- 90SiCr5 BH21 --
8MnSi -- -- -- -- C75W3 -- --
Cr06 -- W5 -- SKS8 140Cr3 -- 130Cr3
Cr2 100Cr2 L1 -- -- 100Cr6 BL1 100Cr6 100C6
9Cr2 -- L7 -- -- 100Cr6 -- 100C6
W -- F1 T60601 SKS21 120W4 BF1 --
4CrW2Si -- -- -- -- 35WCrV7 -- 40WCDS3512
5CrW2Si -- S1 -- -- 45WCrV7 BSi --
6CrW2Si -- -- -- -- 55WCrV7 60WCrV7 -- --
Cr12 210Cr12 D3 T30403 SKD1 X210Cr12 BD3 Z200C12
Cr12Mo1V1 160CrMoV12 D2 T30402 SKD11 X155CrVMo121 BD2 --
Cr12MoV -- D2 -- SKD11 165CrMoV46 BD2 Z200C12
Cr5Mo1V 100CrMoV5 A2 T30102 SKD12 -- BA2 X100CrMoV5
9Mn2V 90MnV2 O2 T31502 -- 90MnV8 B02 90MnV8 80M80
CrWMn 105WCr1 O7 -- SKS31 SKS2 SKS3 105WCr6 -- 105WCr5 105WC13
9CrWMn -- -- T31501 SKS3 -- B01 80M8
5CrMnMo -- -- -- SKT5 40CrMnMo7 -- --
5CrNiMo -- L6 T61206 T61203 SKT4 55NiCrMoV6 BH224/5 55NCDV7
3Cr2W8V 30WCrV9 H21 H10 T20821 SKD5 X30WCrV93 X32CrMnV33 BH21 BH10 X302CrV9 Z30WCV9 32DCV28
4Cr5MoSiV -- H11 H12 T20811 SKD6 SKD62 X38CrMoV51 X37CrMoW51 BH11 BH12 X38CrMoV5 Z38CDV5 Z35CWDV5
4Cr5MoSiV1 40CrMoV5 H H13 T20813 SKD61 X40CrMoV51 BH13 X40CrMoV5 Z40CDV5
3Cr2Mo 35CrMo2 -- -- -- -- -- 35CrMo8
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