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Alloy Steel Supplier-Songshun Stocks 1,000 Tons Per Month

Alloy steel is a commonly used type of steel that has undergone alloying treatment and is widely used in various industries such as machinery, automobiles, construction, and tool manufacturing. With the advancement of modernization, the demand for alloy steel is increasing, so choosing a high-quality alloy steel supplier is crucial for application projects.

As an alloy steel supplier with many years of experience, Songshun helps end users provide the best alloy steel. Our steel products ensure quality and comply with different international standards such as DIN / ASTM / EN / JIS, etc., and our monthly inventory reaches thousands of tons. Products are the key to our sustainable development, so whether it is the quality, type, specification, price and service level of alloy steel, we have a leading advantage among many alloy steel suppliers.

Alloy Steel Supplier: This steel has many types

Alloy steel has a very rich product type and can be divided into many different types according to different methods. The following are some common types of alloy steel:

(1) Classification according to alloy elements:
Nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, titanium, chromium-nickel-molybdenum, silicon-manganese-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel, etc.;

(2) Classification according to alloy element content:
Low alloy steel: the total alloy content is less than 5%;
Medium alloy steel: total alloy content is 5~10%;
High alloy steel: The total alloy content is higher than 10%.

(3) Classification according to use:
Alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel, alloy spring steel, quenched and tempered steel, special performance steel, heat-resistant steel, low-temperature steel, etc.

These are only part of the alloy steel classification, and now with the continuous innovation of technology, more and more brands of alloy steel products appear on the market. The following are the alloy steel products that Songshun alloy steel supplier have in stock:

40Cr 5140 1.7035 SCr440
42CrMo 4140 1.7225 SCM440
38CrMoAI 1.8509
40CrMnMo 4142 1.7225
40CrNiMoA 4340 1.6511 SNCM439
40CrNiMoA 4340 1.6582 SNCM447
20CrNiMo 8620 1.6523 SNCM220
15CrMn 5115 1.7131
20CrMn 5120 1.7147
15CrMo 1.7262
20CrMo 4118 1.7264
25CrMo 1.7218
30CrMo SCM430
35CrMo 4135 1.722 SCM435/SCM435H
GCr15 1.3505 E52100
50CrV 6150 1.8159 SUP10

Songshun Steel: Alloy steel providing excellent performance

Alloy steels with different chemical compositions have different properties, but by adding different elements and adopting appropriate processing techniques, we usually provide alloy steels with higher strength than ordinary carbon steels, high toughness, high hardenability, wear and corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, etc.

In addition, Songshun has won the trust of many customers by providing high-performance and high-quality alloy steel over the years, and has achieved long-term cooperation and win-win goals with customers. According to our statistics, alloy steel will account for the largest proportion of exports in 2022, about 50%. Among them, Brazilian customers purchase 4140 steel, accounting for 20%, especially those with a diameter of 160mm; Iranian customers purchase 4340 steel, accounting for 15%, with diameters ranging from 65 to 130mm; customers from the United States, Italy, and Russia purchase 8620 steel and 5140 steel, accounting for 10% , others account for 5%. Many customers we have cooperated with have a repurchase rate of over 80%.

Choose Songshun as your alloy steel supplier. We can provide you with the best quality alloy steel, assume responsibility for every order, have sufficient inventory, and have good prices. If you need steel, please contact us as soon as possible and Songshun will give you A satisfactory cooperation that exceeded expectations.

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